Monday, March 28, 2011

Shopping Trip

Yay, another very successful trip to the market....I spent $81.70 and saved $111.60!!!

These were my free items this week. Pasta. Which we eat a lot of. And this time I got whole grain and the vegetable kind for free. 37 boxes!!!

And I did pretty good with these too...
Powerade $0.39 each (I got 6)
8 0z. marble cheese block $1.50
2lb. Shredded cheese $4.00
Sunny D $0.67 each (I got 3)
2 lt. Coke Zero $0.89
Old Spice deodorant $1.66 each (I got 3)
Old Spice body wash $0.00 FREE
Kraft salad dressing $1.50 each (I got 2)
300 count Q-tips $1.50
Crystal Lite $1.99
Rice-a-roni $0.79 each (I got 3)
Pasta Roni, I got 4. 1 was FREE, and the others were $0.79 each

As usual the rest of my $ went toward produce, meats, and other needs that I didn't get deals on...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sophie's Birthday, part 2

We got home from Kangaroo Zoo just in time for lunch and nap. I kicked everyone out so I could clean and decorate and locked the door until 6:30 :) My family helped me out a lot (running errands, painting, taking my kids, cleaning...) they're the best. This year I decided to have a family party since half of the cousins are out of state (on both side of the family) and they were ALL I thought it would be fun to do a cousin party. Unfortunately half of them couldn't make it. So I wish I had invited some friends that Soph could have played with her age...oh well, she had fun and that's all that matters.

We had a balloon pit...

Soph lining up the balloons on the couch.
And her desserts....

Sophie is going through a naked phase. She started out dressed, but soon after she stripped, and since it was her day, I didn't force it. She LOVED all her gifts. She even did a good job sharing. Her favorites of the night were Flynn, Maximus...

And her Ariel car. She was very excited about the little compartment where she could store little toys.
The boys started playing "volley balloon." It was quite fun.
Sophie was a little confused, but had fun watching.
Aubree and Tori.
Grammi, Nick, and Kilee
Here you can see the boys, my Dad, Eric, Corey, Dave and my cute lil' bro. Ben.
Happy Birthday baby...glad you had a good time.

Sophie's Birthday, part 1

March 24th 2011. My baby is now TWO years old. Where does the time go? So, my Mom thought it would be fun to take the girls to a bounce house for Sophie's birthday. They agreed. on the drive up Soph pulled one of her classic faces....She cracks me up!

Their cousin Kilee was here also for her sister's baptism. Her and Aubree had fun together.
Not too long after we got to Kangaroo Zoo, Soph had a meltdown very appropriate for her new age of 2. I'm not sure why, but it was full blown with screaming, thrashing, rolling on the floor...the works.

Luckily Grammi has the magic touch and she got her to calm down by tickling her back. Getting a slushie seemed to help too...but the thing that did the trick? A dragon. Yep. She noticed that on top of one of the slides was a big dragon...she LOVES dragons, and we pretty much were stuck on that slide. Although she love frogs, so she ventured over to the "frog" one as well.

After that she just had a blast. Thank goodness. I really wanted her to enjoy her birthday, and I think she did.

Part of her floor tantrum. The calm, mild part...

Grammi had just as much fun. And the girls love having a young Grammi to play with.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Holden's Blessing

Not only is my family in town this week, but Dave's sister who moved to California a year ago, is also in town. They wanted to bless their new baby while they were here. It was fun to finally meet him. He's such a doll. Holden James Stirland.

And it was fun seeing Addie again, and having the cousins play together. How sweet is she? This was during the blessing. I couldn't help it, she was too cute.
And my favorite new thing about Addie is her OBSESSION with Justin Beiber. Hilarious. This girl LOVES him.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tori's Baptism

My neice Tori made the decision to get baptized into the Church. She is almost 12 and lives with her Dad and step-mom who are in-active. We are all proud of her decision, and my family came out to Utah to be a part of it. It turned out really nice. My Dad baptized her, and my Mom talked to her about the Holy Ghost. The girls loved watching, right up at the font and now they ask if they can see the bathtub in all the churches :)

I made Tori a bracelet, and headband (that I forgot to picture), to remember her special day. The headband was actually a request from my Mom, in her talk. She had objects presented to Tori to help her remember attributes of the Holy Ghost. The headband will help her remember "to let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly".

I was supposed to bring cookies to share...I totally forgot. Nice. But everything turned out well and Tori was just glowing.

On the way home I had Dave run me to R.C. Willey so I could pick up some carpet samples for Nursery. The girls just LOVED them. Thank goodness 'cause they were driving us nuts...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I thought it would be fun this year to host a green party in honor of St. Patrick's day, so I sent out some invitations to my two sisters inUtah, and Aunt and Uncle.

Printed of some decorations...
And set it all up. We even had green packets to mix in our water bottles.
Theses pillow boxes were filled with treasures..yum

And I wanted to make these mint oreo pops as a favor. Then I remembered I had already made favors...but you can never have to many. :)

This table was set up right when you walk in the door.
There were some fun prizes...candy, tags, printables
And one framed printable..
Shamrock pins for the guys..
and headbands for the girls..too bad I put the camera away and didn't get any shots when I actually had guests :)
The food was very delicious, and very green. I only had the neon dye so the rolls and potatoes look more yellow...but they were green...
And I didn't take pictures of our bbq meat...since it wasn't green (I thought it best not to traumatize people with green meat...)
We played three games (all St. Patrick themed of course)
Word search, which Jenni won
Word scramble, which Carlee won
and Trivia, which had a three way tie between Cha, Dave and Corey. Since Cha already won, she was automatically excluded. So Corey and Dave rocked off for it. Dave won and gave the prize to me...but since I couldn't win (being the host and already owning duplicates of the prizes myself...) he gave it to Corey!

Then we voted on who had the best green you can see 6 of the 7 voters picked me :) since I couldn't win we gave it to the only other voted...:) Eric.
It was a fun night and a fun chance to meet my sister Kelsey's roommate Tiffany. I'm glad you all could come...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Angels in my tummy

Aubree has been getting scared at night for a little while now. I sat her down one night and we had a little chat. I told her she could talk to Heavenly Father and he would listen, and answer. I explained that she wouldn't hear his voice like she heard mine, but she could feel him, inside her heart. I proceeded to tell her that she wasn't alone. That Heavenly Father sends angels into her room to watch and protect her. And that she could feel them in her heart as well. She seemed happy and I left her for the night.

A few days later Dave asked me why Aubree thinks she has angels in her tummy...we put it together, and she took our chat very LITERAL. She thinks that there and angels living inside her, it's quite humorous. She was eating dinner and spilled all down her front. She was very worried that the angels got dirty and they needed a bath.

It's comforting to know she listened, and that it helped. She got a different meaning out of it :) but it still comforts her at night. We'll just have to work out the details when she's older!