Monday, September 28, 2009

6 Months ago

6 months ago my beautiful baby was born....has it really been that long? It's amazing to me how fast time goes by. And even more amazing how fast they grow. Sophie is officially mobile now. She started out rolling everywhere, which is pretty fun to watch. About a week-ish ago she started army crawling! I almost had a heart attack. My baby crawling. And just a few days ago she got on her knees. She can't quite do it yet. But she is trying. Again I missed the phase of being able to sit my child down with toys without being able to crawl away. Just like Aubree , Sophie has learned to crawl before she can sit!

This is Aubree at 6 months....
And Spohie. Do you think they look alike? Seriously.

She has said her first word, "hi" which coincidentally was Aubree's also. Although I don't know if it counts if she doesn't know what it means. To her it is just a sound but she can repeat it and says it frequently. She has also said "dada ", "mama", and "baba" (in that order, oddly the same as Aubree...kinda freaky.) But again those are still just sounds she can repeat and she doesn't say those nearly as often. It's so fun watching her grow, and It's hard to start letting go. But having practice has helped.....
Now a little about Aubree....

Her new thing is stripping. She has decided that she doesn't like clothes anymore. And my favorite was when she was stripping for my friend Lexi and said something like "I want to show you my body" (what as it, Lexi?) She is growing smarter by the day. She will pass me up very soon :) The other day Dave told her it was time for bed and she said "but not yet dad, 10 more minuets..." so he said "Do you want 10 more minuets or 11 more minuets?" and she thought for a minuet and said "11 more minuets". How does she even know that? I haven't taught her's amazing what they pick up on when you're not even trying to teach them.
And our favorite...she picked up my scriptures and said "Mommy I'm reading your special scriptures." (me) "what do they say" (Aubree) "that Heavenly Father loves me....I have a special life." Needless to say I smothered her with kisses and told her just how cute she was.


  1. Oh my gosh- they look SO MUCH alike!!!! Love it!! Has it really been SIX MONTHS since Sophie was born? Wow. (And yes, for the record it was "I want to show you my body..." haha that is my favorite!) Cute cute girls! XOXO

  2. Your babies are so so cute. I love them to death. I can't believe Sophie's already 6 months either. Aubree is so cute and so smart. I love her little personality and I can't wait to see what type of personality Sophie has when she gets a little older.

  3. SO cute. I love those little girls. I am sooooo happy Soph is crawling! ;)

  4. Too funny. I can't wait to meet Sophie and Aubree is just as adorable as ever. Two very beautiful little girls.

    Time for a boy don't you think?

  5. If I could I would, any day of the week!