Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another successful shopping trip

I'll be doing these posts every now and then when I have an especially good shopping trip.

This trip I spent $71.00 and saved $107! It was fabulous. That's a 66% savings!

I didn't take a picture of everything...the produce and meats never have coupons...so they're boring to write about. :) For this lot I spent a total of $15.30! Pretty amazing. This is how it breaks down:
Toothbrushes: Got paid $1 per brush. I got 4 (and they're the good kind, with the cross bristles...)

Mentos Gum: Got paid $0.10 for two of them...got an additional 20 for FREE!

Sugar (5lb bag): Got paid $0.01 each

Crest toothpaste: Got 5 for $0.25 each and 1 for $0.50

Gatorade: $0.49 each (got 10)

Easy Mac: $0.49 each (got 2)

Crystal Lite to-go-packets: $0.50 each (got 2)

Irish spring soap, pack of three: $0.75 each (got 2)

Dannon yogurt: $0.79 each (I got 3 crush cups, 2 smoothie drinks and two danino mini cups)

Kraft Mayo and Miracle whip: $0.94 each (got two of each)

For $15 of regular priced items I would only have been able to get the gatorade and 1 crystal light packet! Crazy how well this coupon thing works! I don't think I could shop any other way. And I am still determined to get better!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hair Cut

My cute sis cut my hair today. I wanted a change, but had no IDEA what I wanted. So I told her to do what she thought would look cute on me...

My hair that got chopped off....

All swept up. SO GROSS!!!!

And the hair cut. I love changing it up. But I don't do it near enough.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This month we've....

Watched PLENTY of movies. Tarzan is their new favorite,

stopped at some carousels,
put princesses in the sliding glass door,
put squishy spiders on head,
drove fake cars,
and real cars,
blinged out with TONS of necklaces,
ran errands with mom,

rolled on the concrete, (apparently it was real fun)
brushed teeth,
ran more errands,
modeled for mom and her new etsy shop,

and just plain had fun!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yea me!

Another year come and gone...and who could believe that I'm 27!!!! SERIOUSLY. 27! I don't believe it. Anyway, I have been super sick...ughhh and Dave has been out of town since Monday. (he got in around 5:00 today) so, so far not the best b-day. I went to get Dave at work around 5:00 and we dropped the kids off at Grandma's. I still wasn't feeling too hot, so Dave told me the plan and asked what, if anything, I wanted to do. The plan was dinner wherever I wanted, shopping and then Eclipse. It all sounded good to me, I just had to take it slow. We ate at Happy Sumo and got some delicious sushi. I got two super cute shirts from Anthro and then we saw the movie. It was fun to see it again, especially since Dave hadn't yet. He liked it and I of course LOVED it. I had a good b-day night, and especially since I still have $ to go shopping.

oh, and Dave had given me an early present on Saturday. A new iphone 3gs. I dropped mine in the tub a while back and it hasn't worked right since. And my old one wasn't the 3gs so I got an upgrade. I love it and had a good time away from the kids :)

Before I know it I'll be 30! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Crazy.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kimiko Gifts

I have officially opened my etsy shop, called Kimiko gifts. I of course had to do something Asian for my shop and my Dad helped me pick it out. It's the name of my "adopted" grandma from Japan, and I think it sounds cute and girly. I am surprise to see that one item already has a heart, and I have 1 follower (who hearts my shop) and it has only been open for an hour! Yea. It will probably be slow goin' because I am so busy. But I have wanted to have one for the longest time, and now it is a reality. Any shout out's will be GREATLY appreciated. I have a few ideas for promoting it, and this is one :) Thank you. And please take a look. I am very proud of myself and that doesn't happen near enough. This is the link, and I will have a link set up on my side bar too.

4th of July celebration.

Saturday July 3rd

We had a ward breakfast that we went to in the morning. Good food, fun friends and crazy kids of course. But no pictures!

After their nap we wanted to have some fun so we...

got out the hose,
and the little pool,
and had a blast!!!

Too bad they didn't take a good nap, so by 7:30 they were ready for bed. We skipped out on the fireworks, which was just fine by me since I hate them, and the girls didn't know any difference. We had a good day and I was happy to celebrate with my fam.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Just For Fun

I finally got my crafty blog up and running. It will mostly be a collection of my favorite features from other blogs. But every now and then I throw on crafts that I do. Access it from the link on the side bar....enjoy.