Monday, November 30, 2009

New Moon

So I finally got to see the new movie. You all will think I'm a nerd. I went by myself! And I have to say that I LOVE it! It was so much better than the first and I still really liked Twilight. I think I loved it so much because we finally got to Jacob's side of the story as he tries to swoop in. Although he doesn't win Bella over I've always been "Team Jacob".... I agree with my Aunt Jenni's review. But I do have one complaint to add. Dakota Fanning. I love her as an actress, in fact I think I have seen most her movies and have enjoyed them all. But for some reason I didn't feel "Jane" from her. The only thing I could think of was "Oh there's Dakota Fanning" "Dakota Fanning is being mean" "Dakota Fanning..." not "Jane". I'm not trying to say anything against her, just her as Jane if that makes sense. But I loved how they adapted the story to a movie. I felt like you got the spirit of the story without all the detail you always loose in a movie. It made me excited again to live in a story outside of my own. I do have to say though that I loved Jacob so much more with his long hair. When it's all short his feels less "Jacoby" too me, but still very cute. My friend who didn't like it mentioned she might see it again with me to try to like it better...And I can't wait to go. Thanks to Stephanie Meyer!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Give Thanks

I've always enjoyed having a day set aside each year to focus on my blessings and give thanks for them. I always try to be mindful of my many blessings throughout the year but I love the excuse to really focus and ponder.

First and foremost I am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. I will never really understand what sacrifices he made for me. I have a deep love and reverence for Him. Encompassing my gratitude for Him is my gratitude for being born in the gospel. I've never been "lost" or had to search for the truth. I had to come to believe on my own and build up my testimony, but the knowledge and vast amounts of recourses were always there.

I am so grateful to be raised by wonderful parents. I have had trying times (like all of us) and I can't think of better people to turn to. My Mom has an amazing spirit and testimony. Her love for the Savior and testimony of the Atonement has been an anchor for me when I didn't have one for myself. My Dad has a sense of goodness that I hope to achieve. His example of keeping the commandments and always choosing the right no matter the inconvenience has inspired me. This is the second (?) year I have been apart from my family for this Holiday. I hate that, but am so grateful to have them in my life.

I love my Family. My Husband Dave and two girls, Aubree and Sophie. It still feels like I am playing "house" sometimes. It's hard to believe that I am "growing up" and have these responsibilities. But I can't imagine living life with out them. They make the days full of meaning and endless possibilities.

I'm thankful for wonderful in-laws. Being forced to live away from my immediate family (since they abandoned me :) makes it easier to deal with, having a family like them. They have always been so loving and supportive to me.

I am also grateful for: All my family extended and immediate, Prayer, This country, All those who fight for our freedoms past and present, MUSIC, My health, Emotions, A home, Food to eat, Clothes, A car, Creativity/crafts, Wonderful neighbors, Movies, Books, Medicine, and much much more. There is so much to be thankful for. No matter how many lists I make each year (trying always to not duplicate) I will never come close to naming all my blessings. But I still love trying.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lion Monster

I have been so busy making crafts for my open house (more on that later) that I have been ignoring everything else. Now that I'm basically done I can come back to the world of blogging and being a good wife and Mom...hopefully. So Halloween:

We had so much fun. Aubree couldn't believe we actually could walk around to other people's houses and fill a bag up with candy. We went around the neighborhood with some friends and both girls had a blast. I cut out early with Soph to get her in and be able to hand out some candy...but Aubree was a trooper.

These were their cute Halloween day outfits. Thanks to their Grammi and Grumps.

And here are their costumes. Fairy princesses. We went simple this year with things we already had. My friend made this tutu for her when she was born and she'll actually wear it now. (thanks Stac) I made her cute shirt which you can't see, tutu headband, and wand. She felt so pretty :)
Soph was the same, in different colors. I made this tutu, clip, and onsie. I should take a picture of the front of their shirts. They are really cute with a sparkly fairy..
Simple and cheap.
When we got home she couldn't decide what to eat first.
After all the excitement died down I started putting away decorations and Aubs found old costumes and played dress up.
This was only a couple of days ago. My friend Emilee had a new baby so we went to see them and Aubs found their older boy's costume and had to try it out. She makes a pretty cute monster...what do you think?