Thursday, July 28, 2011

Baby Joely

Ever since my cousin Joely's accident, Aubree has been a little traumatized.  But she found a way to feel okay about it.  Meet her new baby Joely....she takes her EVERYWHERE we go.  She is quick to tell you that her baby fell off a deck and "broke her head."  She has two bandaids (that Aubree put on by her self) to cover up her owies.  She has a "circle owie" above her eye, and a big "line owie" across her head.   

She takes really good care of her, and makes sure that if you hold her, you do too!  I have to be real careful with her head so that it doesn't hurt her more.  Iv'e even had a couple of people (from a distance) believe I was holding a real baby, because of the way I was holding her.  Aubree makes her a bed every night, and gets her comfortable in the stroller for walks.
The green blanket is her "(Joely)" special blanket and also follows.

Apparently this is a real method of coping that psychologists' recommend to parents to help thier children.....well Aubree (my super smartie pants) just decided to do it on her own!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sacrament Meeting

Dave was sick, so I went solo with the girls....I had to take a short video, and Aubree pulled a classic. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Three of my good friends, and I all have birthday's in July. Mine is at the beginning of the month and theres are all in a row toward the end. They were super sweet to me on my birthday, so I thought it would be fun to take them out for frozen yogurt, and have a girls night. We went to Menchi's which is becoming my new favorite. More for the atmosphere than the yogurt, but it is good. Karen drew us a tribute on the chalkboard they have there. Zenny couldn't make it :( but we put her name up there anyway.
We had a blast, and July birthday's are the best!

Joely Swann

My 4 1/2 year old cousin took a bad fall Saturday night. Her brothers and sisters were playing up on their deck, being silly, and she ((accidentally)) launched herself over the edge. 8 feet, head first onto concrete! She was first taken to the hospital in Preston, ID where she lives. She had a CT and it was determined that her brain was bleeding, and she had multiple skull fractures. She needed care that they could not provide, and was immediately life flighted to Primary Children's. Luckily there are lots of family in Utah, and her Aunt was able to meet the helicopter at the hospital until her parents could make the drive from Preston. I unfortunately lost my phone that very night, and wasn't able to hear about or be supportive until Sunday when they finally got a hold of me!

Joely had to have emergency surgery to fix the bleeding, pressure, and fractures. She had three skull fractures, and a huge chunk of her skull had to come out. They stopped the bleeding, put a shunt in her head, with a tube to help drain the excess blood and fluids to relieve pressure. They froze her skull (that they removed) for an hour while they prepped her. They had to put four metal plates in her head and then replace her skull piece. She is so young, and her skull isn't fully developed yet, which will help her make a full recovery . The metal plates are so small that she won't even set off detectors!

The first day I went to see her (Monday) It just broke my heart. I wasn't quite prepared for what I saw, and frankly there are no words....but I'll try. She was in nothing but a diaper. Tubes and wires were E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. Monitoring her vitals. Two IV's coming out of her feet. Her eye had swollen since the fall and she couldn't even open it. Half of her head was shaved, for the surgery and she had a big old incision along her head. She was so SAD and tired, and all she wanted was her mom to hold her. It was the saddest moment. I couldn't stay for long, and I was trying real hard to hold it together in front of her. I knew she would be okay, but she was still in intensive care. And seeing her that helpless, beat up, and in pain was a little much. I broke down after I left. Thoughts of the miracle of her story, imagining Aubree on that table...and picturing her sad sweet little face did me in.

I went back last night to see her, and it was a WORLD of a difference! She was moved from Intensive Care, to Neuro Trauma.

She had just been bathed, and all the iodine was washed out of her hair. ALL the tubes and wires were gone. (She only had one IV in her hand) She was wearing pajama's and very awake and alert. I couldn't believe what a difference 2 days can make. I didn't take pictures the first time (my phone was still lost) So I can't show you comparisons, but it was HUGE. She looks SOOOOO much better. Even though she still looks sad.
She zonked out after about 45 minuets of me arriving. She had a busy day, being up and around. And hopefully got some needed rest last night.
Here's a close up of her little head. Obviously you can see her incision, which is pretty gnarly. And you can see about the size of skull they removed, and then replaced. Just behind her incision you can see a little "dot" that is where the tube was in her head, to drain the fluids. The patch above her eye is where she directly hit after falling. Besides her swollen eye, all the bruises started showing up that day. Some from the surgery, some from the fall.
Right before she fell asleep, she found her pink bandage, (that probably was wrapped around her IV on her hand....but I'm not sure, it wasn't currently in "use") and she clutched it in her tiny hand. I just thought it was cute.
I am SO grateful that she will have a full recovery. That she sustained NO brain damage. That we have modern day medicine to save lives. Im grateful for the power of prayer. I don't think anyone received more prayers this weekend than her, and it's truly a miracle how she is doing.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Aubree and seeds.

This is how Aubree eats kiwi. She LOVES it, but doesn't like seeds...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Birthday

I have the best family and friends! Boy have I been spoiled. It started Tuesday night, with my friend Somer taking me out for frozen yogurt. And it was delicious! Then I woke up to a wonderful homemade breakfast, today, of my favorite foods...french toast and orange juice. Thanks to my good friend and neighbor Karen.

After breakfast my other good friend and neighbor (on the other side) came to take my girls for a couple of hours so I could leisurely get ready with out children. I'm telling you, I was spoiled and the day was getting started. Dave gave me a card, which he made :) I was very impressed...and inside my card was a gift certificate to Olive Garden for lunch, a certificate for a movie with movie times and names so I could easily pick, and a certificate for a day of shopping! My favorite kind of birthday. My sister Kels came up at 11:45 to watch the kids all day, so we could go play. THANKS KELS...((and throughout the day I got many wonderful texts, phone calls, facebook messages, and cards in the mail!))

So first we went to Hobby Lobby and I picked out some cute crafty things...then we went to a movie...X-Men. Which was fabulous. And next was Olive Garden for lunch. As I got out of the car, Dave notice something. Something not cool at all, and it was my least favorite "birthday present"....someone keyed our car! Along the passenger side of the car, and it's not pretty...that obviously put Dave in a sad mood, but he was trying REALLY hard to let it affect my day.

(Don't mind the dirty car :)

Lunch was amazing, and then we went out for more shopping. We got home just after 5, to relieve Kels. I decided I didn't want to cook dinner, and since it was my birthday, I could get away with it. So eggs and sausage it was. While I was "not cooking" Laci (who had my kids earlier) brought over a HUGE tub of frozen yogurt from her favorite local place. And I have to say it is the closest to Froyo I've had. So it's probably my new favorite since I am deprived of Froyo's goodness. After dinner we just hung out...while I tried to decide if I wanted to do anything else. Dave totally and completely fell asleep, at that made my decision for me :) I put the kids down at 8:30 and enjoyed a quiet, boring evening by myself!

Friday morning my MIL came up and took me and my girls shopping. I got even more spoiled, and we went to lunch at CPK. One of my favorites. Then that night my good friend Zenny, and her husband took Dave and I out to dinner for my birthday. We went to their favorite Asian restaurant. And it was delicious. After, we went out to Menchie's for more frozen yogurt. My friends really know me :) It has been a wonderful birthday, that turned into a birthday week!

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July!

Our 4th of July was jam packed with fun activities...

First, our ward breakfast, which I cooked 4lbs of bacon for. That might not sound too impressive...but it was A LOT!!! The girls looked so cute in their patriotic outfits.

We brought Aubree's soft blanket to lay out for our breakfast picnic.

The girls loved it, and it was nice to be out, eating a free delicious meal.

In the evening we went up to Dave's Aunt's for a BBQ. I love his family, and it was fun to get together. The cousins also love seeing each other.
At one point Aubs and Brody were fighting with the noodles. Having a blast. And then I hear Aubree say "go for the kill"
What the? Where in the world did she learn that? The things kids say....

Then at home later that night we did our fireworks. They were fun. Little, but fun. Then our two doors down neighbor started putting on a real show, with the big, legit fireworks, so we joined them and had a fun show. Aubree let me know that their fireworks were way more cool than ours. Agreed. I'm glad they put on a show for us!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Celebrations and disasters

We did some fireworks on tonigh, to get them excited. And boy did it work. I am such a wuss when it comes to fireworks. I HATE them. They're loud and scary :) but they are beautiful. I like them from a distance. So I just got little ones to with the girls. I wanted to save most of them for Monday, so tonight we just did sparklers, pop's, and snakes.

We did them a little early, cause it doesn't get really dark until too late. Although it really doesn't matter since fireworks have been going every night for three night anyway, and until they haven't been sleeping well.

The pops were they're favorite.

Sophie wasn't sure at first if she even liked the sparkler...but she warmed up to it.

Aubs loved it.

So we put the girls to bed, and yep... Fireworks are going strong, the LOUD ones. I was scared for my girls. Not too soon after, we heard sirens, LOTS of sirens and really close. Dave took off to check it out. The homes in Daybreak are so close it's scary when fires start. Sure enough some guy set his house on fire, with his home-made fireworks. Not too close to us, but still in Daybreak. Dave, and our neighbor, Dave went to go check it out. There were fire trucks, hoses, firemen, the works. He said it was crazy. And the hoses were so strong they were ripping up the siding of the house. It's sad, but I'm glad it was his own house and not an innocent bystanders'. I bet the fire department just loves the 4th :)