Saturday, February 26, 2011

Choose the Right.

Aubree received this tiny, precious ring from her Grandma when she was born. It's been sitting in her dresser ever since. We accidentally came across it again the other day (some how it found itself in the kitchen sink??) And realized that it now fits. She LOVES it and feels so special to wear it. Now it just need to polish it up after sitting in water for hours...And how cute is it on her tiny chubby hand? Seriously.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We got back last night from Bear lake...and today we had family over for Birthday's. My brother-in-law Eric's birthday was the 12th and my sister Kelsey's was yesterday. So I had Kelsey pick out the dinner she wanted, and had Carlee bring a dessert that Eric loved. They couldn't come until later...but it was really fun. Our Aunt and Uncle also came up because they're more like siblings to us. Kelsey wanted souvlaki...but I didn't have enough marinating we did italian kabobs, rice pilaf, home made pita bread..And Jenni and Corey brought a delicious Italian salad, that I forgot to get a shot of..

It was fun to get together with some point Sophie was running around with underwear on her head. Fun times.

This is what I made Kels for her birthday...Eric's present is still on the way :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bear Lake Adventures

We were invited back up to our friends cabin in Bear Lake for Valentine's Day. And this year we had snow clothes for the kids, so they got out to play every day, and LOVED it. Sophie is more wussy, like me. But Aubs and Dave stayed out there as long as they could. I'm glad she has someone to take her....cause I just can't do it for long.

We ended up celebrating V-day on Saturday instead of Monday, so the kids could have some new toys and get out of our hair :) It worked really well....Here are their baskets...
And pretty beads inside the purses...
One thing I love about going up there is the huge California king we get to sleep on. It allows Aubree to sleep with us and still be comfortable.
How cute are sleeping kids?
Luckily this trip, none of our kids got sick. The Millers weren't as lucky...but it ended up being a fun weekend. I got A LOT done for my friends wedding...we got addicted to a new t.v. show (Parks and Recreation) and spent A LOT of down's nice to get out in the Winter. And boy are we ready for Spring.

Another fun thing the kids love, is seeing the deer. This one got really close, and Sophie couldn't take her eyes of it. She kept calling her a bunny, and was distraught when she pranced away. The rest of the trip she would randomly walk up the door and say "bunny?" while looking around...

On the ride home we were in our jammies for a comfy trip...Aubree was making funny face at us for pretty much the whole three hours.
Here are some fun videos of the girls. This was their first experience to sledding, and they really, really, enjoyed themselves.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Report card

I had my very first parent / teacher conference. I was smiling the whole time. I'm such a nerd. But it was such a cute thing. She had a little packet of work from Aubree with a self portrait on the front. And a report card! I had no idea they did report cards for pre-school. Their grades are based on: Mastered, Progressing, Needs Improvement, and Not learned yet. I am happy to say she did a good job. The things she has mastered are:
Communicating well with the teacher
Expresses self well in front of class
Stays on task and tries to finish work
Enjoys school, is usually happy
Recognizes name
Handling crayons
Most numbers
She is improving on:
Plays well with others
Obeys school rules
Listens and follows instructions
Prints name
Handles scissors and pencils
Knows left to right progression
Alphabet song (which is VERY different from the traditional song that she has mastered :)
Counting objects 1-20
Recognizing lowercase letters and sounds

She didn't get any "needs improvement" since she is showing good improvement in all areas that she hasn't mastered. In the teacher's comments she wrote:
"Your cooperation and support with Aubree is appreciated. I love her big smile and hugs."

Aubree did have a bad week a while ago which involved going to the "Principal's office". Apparently she was hitting and not learning from her mistake after sitting on the thinking chair. I told her teacher to do what she had to do, and we had a little chat. Hence the cooperation. Ever since, I chat with Aubree every morning before school. We talk about how important it is to be a sweet friend and good listener. To show respect to others and listen to the teacher. I am very happy to say she has really listened to me and we haven't had any problems since.