Monday, February 27, 2012

February in Utah...who knew?

Thankfully it has been really nice this winter.  We have had a few storms, but overall VERY mild.  In fact, it has been pretty nice lately, nice enough that we have been going to the park.  In February.  In Utah!  Sophie of course is in her pajama's.  But at least she is dressed. 

She LOVES climbing on this, and it totally freaks out!
But she's my little monkey.
We had a picnic....

And before I knew it, they were down at the beach.  True to her nature, Sophie stripped, ALL the way.  She usually at least keeps her underwear on.  Not this time.  Thankfully we were the only one's at the beach!  So I caved and let them run around in the underwear....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Aubree is my castle builder.  They are amazing.  Multi-leveled, filled with different toys, squinkies, accessories, etc...and every day there's something new.  She LOVES showing us and explaining everything to us.  I should have taken pictures before now.  I want to document them for her.  Here is one of her simple castles.  All the occupants were put away, but I thought I'd snap a few shots to start off her collection.  

This is the "fairy park".  Only fairy's with wings are allowed in.
This is the "check in" where they sign up and can drop off their animals.
This is the animal park.  Where all the animals of fairy's can be "baby sat" and have fun playing, while the fairies have fun.

Pretty cute, right? 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Im a big girl now

We're going to Florida in May.  Disney World, Universal (for Harry Potter land) and then Cocoa Beach.  We are EXCITED!!!  It dawned on me that I want our family to be more travel friendly.  Which mostly revolves around Sophie.  So we have made some major changes. more crib.  I want her "bed trained" and since her crib converts, we didn't have to buy any furniture.  :)  

She made sure we kept her animal pouch.  She was very concerned about it.
And of course a place for Doggy bear and Casey.
She loves her new bed.

The second major change is diapers.  We decided we were done, and she needs to learn ASAP.  That's the main thing I want accomplished for traveling.  So we potty trained her!  It actually was quite easy.  It's amazing what waiting until they're ready will do.  This was our third attempt and I guess the third time is a charm!  We kept it simple and easy.  Two tiny treats every time she pees (pez, and these tiny reeses cups I found at the dollar store) , and a squinkie for every time she poops!  Within the first week she only had three accidents.  We're now into the second week with no accidents.  We've even done parties, errands, and outings.  AWESOME!!!! I still put a diaper on at nap and night.  But I figure between now and May we will be completely trained.  YES!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fish sitting

We fish sat for our neighbors while they were away at Disney Land.  Not quite a fair trade!  But come May, it'll be our turn. :) We had the fish set up so the girls could see it easily.  NOT a good idea.  I found a few squinkies floating in there, and a headless polly taking a plunge.  Needless to say, it was moved to a more appropriate place. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Valentine's Day growing up was always about my Dad and his girls'.   I LOVED that.  We would get a special little present and handmade card from him.  I wanted to have that same special day for my girls with their Dad.  So we have taken on the tradition.  It's more about them, then Dave and I.  In fact we don't do anything for each other anymore, and I actually like it better this way.  

  For Sophie:
For Aubree:
and in the mailbox...
Needless to say they loved their Valentine from Dad.
Aubree's favorite, the "enrazers" (erasers, that come apart.)
And Sophie's, the tattoos of course.  She was all over getting them on immediately.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fit for a Princess

Sophie was invited to her first princess party.  Coincidentally she had just received an Ariel princess dress from Grandma.  She was SO EXCITED.  

At the party:  She was a little reserved when Cinderella came.
but slowly edged her way up to the front.

And soon enough was participating.

She was enthralled...
as were the rest of the little girls that came.

Princess shot.
"Silly face" shot.  I just Love that Sophie totally pulled a face.  She is too cute.
They got to decorate their crowns while each girl had a chance to take pictures with Cinderella.

Sophie had so much fun.  So much fun in fact, that Ariel will be coming to her party :)
And of course, my cute friend Natalie had the place dressed up too cute.

First princess party=huge success. 

Birthday Party

Later that night we had a birthday "party" for my sister Kelsey and my brother in law Eric.  In case you were wondering...yes, there was a dance session.  

And it was pretty amazing!

We had fun playing games,

and watching Carlee trap Eric with his new whip!  (From Kelsey and Guy, so he could "tame the dragon" :)
It was a fun night!  And I hope they had fun celebrating their day.