Sunday, November 27, 2011

Recent findings

Every now and then I like to look through my pictures and post funny/cute happenings.  

Sophie playing with her tri-lingual phone (my favorite is hearing her "speak" french :) 
using her witch fingers! 

You have to look close at this one.  Aubree put shoes on her animals, and covered them with a "blanket" for bed.  The chick's tiny little legs are in Aubree's pink boots, and the little giraffe has her Lelli Kelly shoes on :)
Here she dressed them up...with headbands, tank tops, swimming suits, shoes and "jewelry" (silly bands)
I came to get Sophie from her nap.  This is what I found.
Totally, and completely knocked out
And a little scary.

Funny little girls :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Reception

Kelsey's reception was absolutely beautiful!  I LOVED all the things she chose.  

First the things I made, well WE made 'cause a lot of it I just showed Kels how, and she did it.... 
The wedding cake topper.  
Turned out SO cute.  I was pretty proud of this.
Table runners made out of vintage sheet music.  Poppies and paper vases.  I actually had very little to do with the vases in execution.  But I did glue a few :)
The little cute flowers again, and random quotes and pictures.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE how this table turned out.  I had NOTHING to do with putting it together.  But a lot of the elements were mine :)  first, the tiny pennant garland in front!
Again, the crane tree

Pen poppies for signing.
Cute instruction printable.
pictures in frames, loose flowers,
"cards", and a peek of the "love is all you need" art I made her for her birthday earlier this year.
I covered an old frame I found at the D.I. with more vintage sheet music, and then put chalkboard in it.  I don't know who wrote on it, but it is too cute to be my handwriting!
Hot Cocoa Bar, which happened to be the cutest table there and I had NOTHING to do with it, sad! But it was sure delicious.
Before the actual reception began we tried to get some pictures.  It was a little chaotic, I was trying to make sure everyone had their accessories.  My Mom was decorating and asking my help where needed.  Carlee, the photographer and sister was taking pictures...the kids were running wild...but we managed to get some good ones.  Eric is probably one of my favorite people, EVER.  He took all the pictures that Carlee had to be in, and we were all cracking up at him.  This is the picture that Ben calls "everyone but me"  But really it was just the sister shot ;)
Then all the sibs' shot.

My sister Brittany, and her cute family.
Dave was pretty much in charge of the kids while I was tending to bride's maid duties, and I think it all was okay...Sophie sure enjoyed the hot chocolate.

We snuck away to get some bride's maid pictures.  Guy has 4 sisters' and 1 "in-law" and there are three of us, and her best friend Wrenn.  Pretty cute bunch, right?

Dave's parents (as well as a thousand other people) showed up in time for the program.
My Dad sang his classic "The Way You Look Tonight" and a very beautiful song he wrote for Kels.  (I think there was one more...this is what I get for waiting so long to post..arggghh)

Guy sang a song, accompanied by his Dad and brother.

Ann Alyse (Guy's little sister) sang "Beauty and the Beast" since Kelsey is basically Belle.
It was all very beautiful.  We both have very talented families!
And they shared their first dance.
They cut the cake, and were very nice to each other.
My cousin's daughter Jeydon caught the bouquet.
And they were off.  (Not before I said goodbye to Kels, however.  I was going to miss her very much, since her getting married meant that she was now moving out.)   We waved our cute wands to send them off.
Guy's cute sister made these pom pom's to stream from the front of the car to the back.  It was very beautiful.  And I made the vinyl cut out to finish the look :)

Congrats Kels and Guy, I couldn't be happier for the two of you! 

The Wedding, and Luncheon

The Wedding:
Guy and Kels got married at the Bountiful Temple.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day for November.  The sun was shining, and it wasn't too cold for our cute outfits!  The ceremony was pretty amazing.  Guy and Kels have been through some very specific challenges, individually and as a couple.  Their sealer was truly inspired.  It was as if he had a checklist of what they needed addressed. And he had the perfect combination of being serious, and full of the spirit; and having fun, making it light and almost comical. I don't think there was a dry eye in the place.   Kelsey looked so beautiful and it was amazing to be there sharing this experience with her.

My Mom, Carlee and I sneaked into the bride room.  I wanted to see Kels and help out for a minuet before the onslaught of pictures.  She changed into her dress, and I left, to go help with the children.  My Dad and Ben beat me to the holding room and Sophie was so excited to see them.  She sure loves the men in her life.

Too bad I'm acting so cheesy, Mom looks just gorgeous, as usual.
When they came out we did the traditional pictures, hugging, congratulating, and then we took off to the luncheon.

Me and all my sibs'

At the lunchoen we got to sit by Wrenn and her husband.  They are SO fun, and we were glad to have them as company.
Kelsey preformed a beautiful song for Guy.

After the luncheon was over, we jetted out of there to put our kids down for a much needed nap.  

For her wedding We made A LOT of stuff.  Kelsey had her vision, designed how things would look, and I helped her execute it.  I didn't take a lot of pictures, but all in all WE made:
Wedding bouquet
toss bouquet
her viel 
bobby pin for her hair
garter belt
headbands and hair accessories for all the wedding party.  Which included 9 adults 8 kids (i think)
Mom and Grandma corsages
Boutonni√®res for the wedding party.  Which included 13 adults and a few children ( I can't remember, dang it!)
and a million poppies to adorn different things...