Saturday, October 24, 2009


Aubree woke up with a massive fever today. We have been up since 2 a.m. snuggling and watching Super Why. I love that she is so snuggly when sick, but it's super hard too. Well I've taken this opportunity of sitting all day to work on my photos that have been messed up. And I'm very proud of my self. I have finished Sophie's first year by month. They might not be exactly by day, but I know they are in the right month and about the right time line. I got out my calendar and blog posts and the pictures from phone's and other people's camera's who actually set their date and have been able to piece it all together. It wasn't terrible just tedious. And now I have two and a half years of Aubree to do. 5 times as much as I just finished. Wow. Although I do have to say with all the stress of doing this I am very very grateful that we didn't loose the pictures all together. Yay for a back up hard drive.

And you were right. Sophie was on top and Aubree on bottom. Did my carpet in the new house give it away :) .....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm a big girl

I usually don't post twice in one day, but this definitely is worth it. Aubree was taking a bath today and I was sitting in Sophie's room reading, since I have a nice view of the bath tub. Dave and I haven't been feeling great lately so I was just relaxing and she was in their for about an hour. She finally got out and came and sat with me on the rocking chair. I was to tired to get her dressed so we just hung out for about half an hour. Then Aubree said "Mommy I need to go pee-pee." So I told her to go sit on her big girl potty and if she went pee-pee she could put a sticker on her chart and get a treat. She sat for a few minuets and came to get me, saying she went. This happens frequently with no result, but to my surprise when I went to check she actually had!! We had to call Dave right away (after sticker and skittles of course..) and both Grandma's. She was so proud of herself and so excited that I was overjoyed. It only happened that once today, but I'll be all over this. Wish me luck.

On a side note, Our stupid computer crashed....luckily we had it all backed up on our hard drive. Our photos were all saved but not in albums. I have spent countless hours putting the girls pictures in order by year, so I had three albums for Aubree and actually 6 for Sophie (I do it by the month the first year and then combine it all later) So the past couple of days I've been working on putting the albums back together. Let me tell you how fun this is....I think I want to die! I had every picture of their lives in order by the day!!! And now I have a jumbled mess. Not to mention our lovely computer saves every image every time there is a change to it whether we save it that way or not. Like if the picture is horizontal and needs to be vertical it is saved at every turn and every enhancement so I have about quadruple the number of pictures to sift through. It gives me a headache just thinking about it. I have all the pictures in the right category now, I just have to put them in order and delete all the million copies. I was telling this story to my friend and her husband asked why I just didn't look at the dates on the picture's info....well I'm stupid so I didn't know you could. I was so excited I came home to keep working on it and to my disappointment it apparently only has the date if you set your camera :) which we never do. So no help there. Anyway just needed to vent a little and as I've been sifting I found this picture of me and Aubree last Halloween when I was about 5 months prego with Soph. So glad I'm not this Halloween. Anyway I'm pretty sure I want to grow my hair out again...What do you guys think? Short or long? Thanks and thanks for letting me vent :)

Guessing Game

As the title says...this is a guessing game. Can you tell who is who? In a couple of days I'll edit this and post the answer....Could they look any more alike?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Halloween Fever!

I love decorating for holidays. I usually go all out (on the inside) for Halloween and Christmas. I got out all my decorations and realized I didn't have enough for our new what do I do? Make some of course. This cute witches' boot I copied from my neighbor...I love how it turned out. I just don't know where it's home will be yet.

My neighbor and I made these on one of our crafty days. She got the idea from a blog (for the ghost and pumpkin) and we expanded it by adding a spider and Frankie!

I love this banner made from burlap. Thank goodness for my cute neighbor Karen. This was another idea I stole from her...We are going to end up with the same decorations...she says she doesn't care :)
After making "boo" I decided I needed an "eek" too.
I've had this for a while now and never really loved it.....

Now I think I love it!! I can't decide if I want to do anything more to it. They're cute but kinda plain. We'll see.

And for the finale...I bought these blocks years ago and they really just aren't cute. I don't know what I was thinking. This year I decided they needed a little tlc. So a few supplies, a few days and little tlc and we get:

I love love how they turned out. And I did each word longer than the first so I can stack them if I want like so, but right now I have them separately in different places in the house. I love having both options.

I'm in the process of making the girls their halloween costumes. Nothing too exciting but I'll wait until Halloween when they wear them to do a post. Until then Happy Haunting.