Monday, November 29, 2010

First Day of School!!

Pre-school that is! But I still can't believe it. I had a hard time deciding when, where, arranging (with one car) and she started a little late. But it's a perfect solution to the winter cabin fever...And the best part is that she is in a class with her friend Helen. So she is more comfortable going.

She wanted to take Blackie to show and tell. They have them bring something from home that they can have if needed and share with the class. She was so excited. She asked me if I was going to cry. I didn't. But come kindergarten, who knows?

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I've been thinking the past couple of days, of what I am thankful for. A lot of my blessing are taken for granted until I really realize how impact full they are. What's been in the front of my thoughts lately is the blessings of security, safety and comfort.

The fire in Herriman hit too close to home. We were thankfully in the safe zone, but Dave and I did have the conversation of what we would pack and take if we had to be evacuated. It was surreal making these type of plans not for "just in case" but knowing we may have to act on it that very night. It gives you a whole new perspective.

Also with the blizzard warning Tuesday (which was LAME) we were prepared to be hunkered down for the night and following day. The knowledge that we had shelter, warmth, food, running CLEAN water, and entertainment :) was priceless. I can't imagine not having these simple blessing that I take for granted any other time of the year.

That's what has been on my mind lately. Trying to think of the "simple things" that are quite in fact very very monumental, and giving thanks that I am blessed enough to receive them.
I am always mindful at this time to be sincere in my thought and prayers. I am indeed grateful for my Savior. The comfort I have of this knowledge is nothing short of amazing. I know that he thought of me, Aymee, who for all intents and purposes in a nobody, but he thought of me, felt my pain and sorrows. I love him deeply and will always be grateful for His sacrifice.
I am thankful for my husband Davey. He is a thoughtful and caring husband. He works very hard so that I can fulfill my dream of being a stay at home mom. He is crazy, fun and always has something mischievous up his sleeves. I am thankful for my two sweet girls. I am always learning from them. They make my days full of meaning and life. And I am thankful for all my family and friends who boost me up, keep me going, let me vent (thanks Mom, and Karen) and love me for me. This is a wonderful time of year and I am thankful for the reminder to always show gratitude.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Boutiques and Friends

This past week I have had the opportunity to have two booths, in three days. It was a lot of work but so much fun. And I had so much help from family and friends. Thanks, you guys! (You know who you are :) The first booth was last Monday. It was at the airport! Not the airport that everyone thinks of was in a building right next to the control tower where all the Delta employees work. My friend Sheena hooked me up with this one. Her mom works there and suggested it to me. I didn't take any pictures, but I had a lot of fun. Sweet Dave took the day off work and stayed home with the kids while I worked :)

My second booth was this past Friday and Saturday at the "Sweet Tweets Boutique" It was pretty traumatic..but turned out okay. The set up was chaos and I had a very limited time crunch since I was off the the Harry Potter opening. So I caught a few blurry pics'

Unfortunalty the space I was guaranteed, that I paid for, was not totally available. I had to make do with what was left (even though I got there early...) I was not happy with the result, but it was either that..or pull out. Which I was very tempted to, but didn't.

Part of my space got commandeered, and I had to take out a few displays...funny thing was, my space that got taken over, was by a really nice mom-daughter duo, who I'm going to do a booth with in the spring! You never know how things will turn out. And see those cute skirts in the back? Aubree and Sophie will be having their 4 and 2 yr. portraits in those. LOVE them.
I'm still not sure how it turned out because we get paid in 7-10 days...but I met a lot of fun, talented people.
Here's proof that my Dad WAS here for the week...

Saturday night we met up with friends and took the kids to "The Party Place" as Aubree calls it. Cam and Sophie were having a blast while Aubree and Daddy were riding the go-karts. (See Dave's facebook for a cute video...)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1

We were invited to a pre showing of Harry Potter. Thursday night at 6:30. My brother-in-law's brother rented out a theatre and we all got tickets! The only downfall was it coincided with about 10 other plans I had that night! So I had to miss a card night (totally fine), my friends baby shower (she said she understood :) and it was the same night I HAD to set up my booth for the following two days! So it was a pretty crazy night. Luckily the set up time changed and I was able to get everything done. Thanks to my family (yes Chels you are family) who is so willing to help with my kids and support me in my boutique. THANKS guys!

I LOVED all the images for this movie. There are some GREAT pictures!

Anyway, about the was, of course awesome...I think Emma Watson is just so cute. She's fun to watch. And watching Daniel Radcliffe grow up is like looking to the future to see how my brother will grow up. The 8 Harry's was AWESOME. I wish it lasted a tinsey bit longer, he did an amazing job portraying all the characters. Over all it was a pretty slow movie. I was talking to my friend Chels about it, and she brought up the point that during that whole segment in the book (minus a few intense parts) your supposed to feel their frustration of not getting anything accomplished, moving from place to place and doing essentially in that respect, the movie did a great portrayal. It just didn't make for the most riveting scenes..I do have two complaints...Which I'm sure you all can guess the first...the stupid naked scene. REALLY? REALLY? Does Harry Potter REALLY need that in there? NO. They could have accomplished the same feeling with clothes on. And when I heard she would be topless, but it would be shot from the back, I thought it would be tolerable. Well, since it was shot from the side you get some nice side boob action, and why oh why did it have to show the scene twice? Once would have been PLENTY. Seriously. If I had a teenage boy I would not want him to see it. You may think I'm one of those crazy mom's or a prude...but how easily does satan use this specific tool to drag down and ruin lives? Anyway enough preaching. My second complaint is that they totally skipped over Kreachers Tale. Which is just about my favorite side story in book 7. I was really disappointed about it :( But don't get me wrong here...I am a HUGE fan, I was so excited to see it, and I thought it did a brilliant job of setting up the last movie that will be INTENSE. We were able to go with with two of my sisters, my Dad, and my Aunt and Uncle. It was a fun, busy, crazy, night.

Friday, November 5, 2010

My friend Heather

I met Heather 7 years ago, in {both of our} first ward as newlyweds. We lived in the same condo unit and soon became friends. We have since moved a few times :) but have kept in touch.

Poor Heather has ALWAYS had health problems. First the endometriosis. **A bad case** involving water retention, surgeries, and infertility, ...Then came the allergies. To EVERYTHING. Seriously. I can't even remember what she can eat anymore. Next came the blood clots, more surgery, {which included a near death experience.} And sadly much more.

Then came the surprise. She found out she was pregnant! Which was supposed to be impossible. Early on she found out that she had a condition that only 0.01% of women contract when pregnant. It's very rare and very dangerous. The fatality rate is 80% . If that wasn't bad enough, she had other complications which put her in a very high risk pregnancy. Thankfully the baby made it through just fine. Heather started to bleed out and following her placenta, her uterus came out. Which is VERY rare. They had to race her immediately into surgery.

This was three weeks ago. She hasn't had the chance to be a Mom yet. And to top it all of, she was rushed back to the hospital last night with a clot in her brain. Which of course, the kind she has is very rare, only 92 people have this condition.

So why am I telling you all of this? Because she needs our prayers. Her daughter needs our prayers, her family need our prayers. At this point it's a waiting game to see how serious her condition is, and if she'll pull through. So PLEASE PLEASE remember her in your prayers.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The New Me!

Finally. I'm back. Attending the gym, that is. My friend Chelsea is getting married in May, and asked me to be a brides maid. I was honored, excited, nervous. I'll be seeing a lot of old friends and her family, who I haven't seen in YEARS. And I have been realizing lately how much I hate these extra pounds I have been keeping on ever since little Soph was born. It kind of melted away with Aubree. But I wasn't so lucky this time. Life got crazy, I started my own business. (Which is NOT doing well on-line, but out of my home is doing AWESOME. I can't stay on top of it most days!) And that kind of fell to the back burner.

Lately I've been feeling gross, not eating well, not getting ANY exercise now that it is getting freezing and I'm hibernating inside. I set a goal to start at the beginning of November, and was confirmed in my decision when I was asked if I was expecting at our ward Halloween party. I truly wasn't offended, but it helped give me that extra push when my brain tries to talk me out of it.

Today was my first day. It was awesome. Brutal. Painful. EARLY (class starts at 5:45) but I LOVE IT. I forget how much I enjoy it. I am not a morning person, but I love being up, ready, and going before the kids get up. I LOVE feeling like I'm doing something just for me. For the betterment of me. So be on the look out the next couple of months. Hopefully You will notice a difference. And I hope to feel a difference.