Saturday, August 27, 2011


We went out his weekend to our old ward in Kaysville.  We are still good friends with a couple of families and we go back out every now and then.  This time it was the ward BBQ.  It was super fun, a big bounce house, good food, lots of adult games, and of course good friends.

I was in charge of getting food while Dave watched the kids.  I went up to get in line and I was stopped by a kid.  "Hey, what's up?" to which I replied a simple "Hi."  I took a few looks at him, being my old ward, I was trying to place him....but just couldn't.   So I got some some plates, started loading up, and I was talking to my old friend.  She stopped mid sentence and pointed behind her, "I think he is trying to talk to you,"  I looked back, and there was that kid, this time waving his arms in front of his face to get my attention.

"So, how was your summer?"
"It was fabulous, thanks."  I returned to getting food, nervously wondering if this kid was hitting on me....I went back to Dave and pointed him out.  Dave was the Young Men's president when we lived there, so I thought for sure he would know him.  Nope.  Neither did our friends who we were with.  At least I didn't feel bad for not remembering him....

Now we're eating.  And the kids are playing.  There were long church tables set up in rows.  I was sitting on one side, Dave was right across from me.  Next to him was our friend Paul, and next to him Nicole.  So I guess I looked alone....He came up, sat down RIGHT next to me (we were touching...until I scooted a little) "Hi" (said flirtatiously) me, "Hi" I was so embarrassed with Dave sitting right there. I looked up at him and he had a smirk on his face...his smirk said "have fun..." and he got up "to check on the kids" and left me with him!!!!!  Nicole looked up at me and quietly asked if I figured out who he is.  I quietly said no, but was thinking I knew exactly why he was there!  He leans over to me (as I am VERY passive and just not looking/talking to him)  And asks "What music do you listen to?"

Paul heard, and FINALLY figured out what was going on....I looked up at him and mouthed "HELP."  Because apparently, even though I am 28, married, have two kids....I still get uncomfortable and flustered when a 16 yr. old hit on me!  Pathetic, I know.  Paul looks up at him and asks "So, how old are you, 15...?"
"NO, I'm 16..."
"You do realize that SHE is almost 30...." (His face falls, seriously shocked..) "...married....and that guy that just left, sitting across from her....that was her husband.... (more shocked)  ....and he got up to check on their two kids over there...."  Now he has a look of sheer embarrassment.  Which is why I was even hesitating to say something before.  I HATE being embarrassed, and even more, hate causing embarrassment...and I knew the information I had to share...was definitely embarrassing for him!  Any way...his friend was laughing and making fun of him (making me feel worse) saying comments about  wished he had a camera to record this and post it on you tube...etc...and then flirty boy said something about Dave getting mad at him for hitting on me and that he would "stab him in the neck"??? To which Paul told him (I still hadn't said a word...) that Dave would be flattered a 16 yr. old was hitting on me, and to not be embarrassed.  It was all so awkward and uncomfortable...but everyone around us seemed to be having a good time....after hearing all the information he could handle...he said "I am going to awkwardly stand up and walk away now..."  I waved to him with a look of "sorry..." on my face, and he was gone!   It was a bizarre night....16...REALLY...I get young 20's a lot....but 16???? CRAZY!

Any way...we didn't take any pictures of the night...but later discovered that Sophie took a video.  It's not terribly entertaining...but kinda funny...and the only other thing I have to share!  Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First day of Pre-school

Aubree is back in school, and everyone is very excited about it!  She picked out her outfit, and new clip to wear.  I found this cute printable (not sure where...) and had to get a shot of her holding it.

YAY for pre-school!

I made her new clips the night before, and she picked out the pink one!
Here's to another year of learning before Kindergarten.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Boating, sort of.

We live in such a fun area.  There is so much to do and the kids are constantly entertained.  We have a man made Lake with a few beaches, just a few blocks away.  And for the first time since we've lived here, we went out on the lake. You have to be 2 to go out on a boat, so this summer was the first chance we've had to go.  We rented a 4 person kayak and went around the lake.  Aubree was a little scared at first, but we all had so much fun.  We paddled to a beach, had lunch, and let the girls play for a bit.  Then we paddled back.  It was so fun, and a new experience for us. 

Meeting the new teacher

The first day of school is officially Wednesday.  But today we got to meet the teacher, see the classroom and pick out a cubby.  Aubree (like me) doesn't like change.  So this was a perfect chance to meet her teacher, and get a little comfortable with Mom and Dad there.  She picked out the "dark pink" (red) cubby and got to meet Mrs. Barker.  She was very shy...but excited to get a sucker.  This picture pretty much says how she felt the whole time...

I made this cute treat for her teacher.  And she loved it :) (more details on my craft blog)  Hopefully it will be a good year.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sun Bathing

At Grandma's House, Sophie discovered the art of sunbathing.  And boy did she enjoy it!

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Farm

We got invited to go to the farm at Thanksgiving point by our friends Seth and Karen.  We went for family night, and it was awesome.  It was cooler, and NOBODY was there.  We got to leisurely walk around, take our time and enjoy all the sights.  Sophie loved the "real pony" ride.  

 Aubree had to warm up to it, but then she had a blast.
Tractor ride.
Pony ride. 
Thanks for the fun Family Night Miller's!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


For our annual family vacation, with the Callister's this year, we went to Zermatt.  We had been two years prior, and made a return trip :) To be honest I was a little nervous, last time was a little bit of a disaster....but I went in with a good attitude, made sure not to forget our swimming suits, and already we were off to a better start.  On the way up the girls took a little snooze in the car.

This time we stayed in two separate sutis, which helped the chaos a little.  Each family still had one room to share, but being with just one other family helped A LOT.  The kids were excited to get out of the car and explore...

On the grounds, they have a really neat carousel.  We had to make at least one trip a day....this was the scary cougar, Aubree's favorite!
On the way there Aubree discovered that she had a blister.  She wasn't sure what it was called (since she's never had one before) and she kept calling it funny names...some of which were: blimpster, blogster, blumpster, blomster, it was pretty fun to hear what she came up with. :)
Grandpa took good care of Casey while Sophie rode the pony.


Rae, Addie
Baby Holden
We had to feed the goats a few times too.  They're so cute and ALWAYS so HUNGRY.  They even wanted to give Casey a kiss...

This was a cute little sitting room off of the cafe.  Aubree is obsessed with clocks, so she was in heaven.

This is just about the cutest thing ever.  Rae and Addie saying their night prayers.
The boys went golfing, while we took the kids out.

Another pony ride was in store...
And Joely didn't want to miss out on the fun.

Neither did Brody's doll.  Pasqually Dasiy.
We went exploring through Zermatt and The Homestead.
I know this picture is terrible, but I had to try to get a shot of the girls sleeping.  In our room we had two queen beds.  I decided that it would be a lot less painful if Dave and I slept on separate beds with one of the kids.  It was still a little weird putting them to bed in the same room.  (They stayed up and talked FOREVER.)  But it ended up working A LOT better than I thought.  And we all actually got sleep. :)
We had lots of fun, going swimming, on walks, shopping in Park City...spotting deer.  And it ended up being a wonderful trip.  Here we are on our last night.  Rob took us to the restaurant at The Homestead, and for the most part, the kids were was delicious and a fun way to end our trip.

On the walk home to Zermatt, our family went to see the crater.  Our girls thought it was really neat, and it was my first time seeing it too.  It was so warm!

The next morning we packed up to leave. And Grandma took the girls around while we got ready.  They had lots of fun riding the baggage cart.

Goodbye Zermatt, until next time.