Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My cute Husband

I was making dinner when Dave come home tonight. Like most nights. I'm not the wife who has dinner hot and ready with the table set, kids in order, and myself dressed to charm. But he still loves me. And this is what I got for that tonight.

Aren't they beautiful?

My cute girls

Me and my girls after a LONG day.

My sweet MIL had a date planned with Aubree, to go to Lagoon. Well the day came and it was super stormy. Good thing I hadn't told Aubree about her date...but Michelle still wanted to do something with us...so we went to Old Navy (and ran some errands...)

I don't know how many times I've taken Aubree there...a million? Seeing as more than half her wardrobe consists of their clothing. But never had the mannequins held any interest to her. Until now. She LOVED them. It was pretty funny to watch her. Giving them hugs, rubbing their arms, telling them they look so cute in their clothes. Pretty dang cute.

She heard a LOUD boom of thunder and was momentarily distracted.
Soph, not having as much fun..

I though I should get a shot of these babies on. Aub's got these in her stocking for Christmas. They're bubble shoes or gloves..or whatever, and she loves them.
This is a classic view into Aubree's room during her nap. Can you see her among all her toys? She cracks me up with all the things she requires for her nap.
Sophie LOVES LOVES LOVES her blankies. She has her two favorite (the pig one and the starry one) but any will do if she's in need. You can barley tell in this pic that she has four blankets around her...
And she's lovin' every minute.
Sophie LOVES bottles. And at any given time she'll have one or two or three...(and of course her blankies) And a cute video of Soph making faces at us during dinner.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Super Saturday!

We did have a super Saturday tonight!

Seth and Karen invited us to go to the Dinosaur Museum. And the bonus, for free :) (He is always getting sweet deals with work...) And since we've never taken the girls we jumped at the chance! We arrived a little early and Aubree decided it would be fun to run circles up the stairs, around the balcony and back down again. She had so much fun we could've gone home directly after and she would've thought it was an awesome night! Sophie had just as much fun following her big sis.

They soon realized how much more fun it was...
In the wet sand

And in the dry sand. Soph found a little dinosaur.
I love this peering look...she found the brushes

had to get them all..
and when she couldn't reach, got MAD.
Sophie loves balls lately...and there was a solar system hanging on the ceiling here. She thought it was pretty awwesome.
Playing a weird game together.
Hoarding the bouncy balls, and patiently waiting for James to drop any of his...
Sophie and James.
They both loved the bouncy balls and were trying to get them from each other....they each had three. James dropped one of his and they both took off trying to catch it. It was hilarious to watch. James tripped, fell flat on the floor and you could see the look of triumph in Sophie's eyes as she darted foreword and claimed the ball. I was rooting for her of course, especially since James wasn't hurt! We had a good laugh.

Aubree's favorite (she later told me) was the star tunnel...a pitch black tunnel with tiny (light) stars everywhere...which she was at first VERY scared to go into..and the squishy animals in the gift shop.

After that we went out to dinner, at Chili's.

It was a fun night and good to break away from the normal routine of doing nothing!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Dave has shaved his head again!

But this time it was for a good cause. One of his best friends from middle school and high school's 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia 5 weeks ago.

Another close friend decided to hold a fundraiser for the cause. Cuts for Cami. They had a bunch of hair stylists availible and you could get a cut, trim...etc and donate what you could. The girls and I weren't able to go because of nap schedules, but we did want to be supportive. So Dave went. The boys shaved their heads to help Cami feel okay about loosing her hair, and they ended with her shaving her Dad's head and then him shaving hers. It just breaks my heart, but the good news about it is that she is already in remission. She still has to have her treatments for three years, and still will loose her hair and be put through much more than a four year old should. But there is a silver lining. My heart goes out to Chelsea, Pat, Cami and the rest of their family. She is such a beautiful, fun sweet girl and we know she will kick this.

The Deseret news wrote an article, you can find HERE.

And a blog they set up to follow her journey, Kisses for Cami is HERE.

Brother Caden getting his head shaved
Shaving her Dad's head
Cami's turn

Sweet Cami. We wish you the best and you are in our prayers.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Too many cookies

Dave got a new app. on his iphone. And I frequently get these gems in text messages from him. I admit they make laugh...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This past week

First I want to update Sophie's word list. I forgot a few and am only mentioning them here alos because some of them are funny. :)

Bath, ball, bye bye, thank you, hi, mine, my, poo, bum, and barbie!

My Mom has been here this past week to help Kelsey with her wedding. They both stayed here so we have had a lot of fun. I don't have pictures from everything we did. But some.

Kelsey had her first bridal shower hosted by her soon to be sis-in law, Brooke. It was up in Layton and I was able to leave the girls home with Dave and have a good time. It was really cute with a school theme. My favorite part were the cake pops that her MIL to be, made in the shape of apples. SO cute. She got some nice things and one "fun" gift. It was fun to see her reaction as she kept looking over to Lucie (MIL to be) and Lucie just said "It's okay Kels"

My niece Tori, who recently moved to Tooele to live with her Dad, had a birthday, so we went up to her party. Not a fun drive alone with two kids. I was so happy it was at a park and I could let them loose. Randomly Brenda (Tori's stepmom) is best friends with Marrianne Hurst who is a good family friend of Dave's so it was fun to see her there. It was a fun party, and she had a super cute cake..sorry no pics' but the girls didn't last too long and with my billy goat Soph climbing on everything (trying to catch a hornet..) we left pretty quickly. My Mom offered to ride home with us and the drive back was MUCH nicer!

We did a lot of wedding prep. I guess I shouldn't say we, maybe they...although I helped make over a hundred umbrella inserts for their invites that were three layers...so I did help. That would have been a pain in the butt, but we had so much help it was actually easy and fun!

And we had Tori stay for a few days. My Mom felt kinda bad that she was sucked into all the wedding stuff that we made sure to do fun things with her also...including baking! Here are her and Aubree...we made cake balls, and cheesecake bars

Eating the batter of the cake

I love Sophie in this shot..
And Aubree my little vampire (speaking of vampires, have you seen the commercials for the mock movie of Twilight? Like the Scary movie remakes they do in humor? Looks SO LAME! anyway)
Making cheesecake bars
and cheesecaking
Yum. They were delicious (if you like cheesecake)
And cake balls, my new favorite treat ever since I made them for a friends shower!

We also made really cute post it pads..you'll have to check it out on my craft blog. HERE. As well as a wedding post...

An update on the girls

First Sophie:

She has exploded with words...her list includes

Daddy, Mommy, hi, "bree" (for Aubree, which makes her mad), don't, thank you, Water (wa wa) barbie, blankie (buta), shoe, Woody (from Toy Story), doggie, juice (jew), bottle and baba, uh-oh, airplane (plane), ow (which she says for when she's mad/frustrated, not when she's hurt!) boo, barbie, bum, poo, my, mine, bath, ball, bye bye, thank you (thay-tu) and hi.

She calls EVERY animal "doggie", but will neigh for a horse, moo for a cow and oink for a pig, even though she still calls them doggie....she also barks.

I just discovered that she is double jointed. Just like her mama! :)

She is turning into quite the picky eater. She loves meat, certain fruit, potatoes (sometimes) and pasta. And that is all she'll eat. Even that sounds kind of broad for her palate.. she is still very picky with in those areas, involving texture temprature etc... And to make it better (?) she has to have her meat a certain way. For example for breakfast and lunch if I try to make her sausage or a hot dog...it CAN NOT be nuked. She won't eat it. They have to be pan seared. It is so fun to try to figure it all out.

I didn't have her car seat one day, and we had to run errands, so I borrowed Karen's baby car seat. Poor Sophie, but it looks like she got comfortable.

We went swimming one day, and it wiped her out. She totally crashed on the couch. It was so cute. She stayed that way for almost an hour and still took a full nap! I love the sun!

We have finally weaned her off the bottle! Yea!!! I started by giving her 1 oz. less every week until the bottle had nothing left in it! It actually worked RESLLY well. I was quite surprised. However, she still likes an empty bottle at nap time, but she no longer requires it for bed. So I guess we're almost there... This is currently her favorite blanket, which my cute sis, Cha, made her. She calls it "buta" which coincidentally means "pig" in Japanese. I think she's is secretly a genius!
I know I've mentioned she's my climber. She found a new obstacle to climb. And it freaks me out. I'll frequently find her here, or on top of the table, toilet, bathroom sink...you name it. Luckily she hasn't had an interest to climb out of her crib. I'm sadly waiting for that to happen any day.

Now Aub's.

She has entered the "why" phase. I probably don't need to say more...but I will. I actually think it's cute (in the beginning of the day) because she is sincerely curious about why things are, so it is a great opportunity for her to learn and for me to teach. Unfortunately it gets real old by the end of the day and all I'm saying is "because" and "why not" but I'm working on letting it be a learning experience for her.

She is definitely my little princess. She loves to dress up and feel pretty. We got her a dress up chest and she LOVES getting all dolled up. This is her favorite outfit in the group. Notice the clip on earrings. So cute!
She is a great little model for me when I need her.
Her favorite movies right now are: Thumbelina, Aladdin, Tarzan, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. We watch them OVER and OVER. We are patiently waiting for the two week rule to go back swimming. It is taking too long. And Aub's just got diarrhea, so we'll have to wait two more weeks...for now we're playing around the house. And in the back yard with water.

Dave recently discovered that not only do kitties love a laser pointer..but kids do too. Aubree loves to try to catch it. She calls it "red thing" and talks to it. She beckons it to come down stairs with her. It's really cute to watch.

Sophie was a train wreck in the car. It was pretty funny. You can hear her say "daddy" and "shoe" in this little clip.