Monday, April 30, 2012

A celebration of life

Today was the funeral.  It was heartbreaking, and amazing.  All the members of the Family spoke.  Shane shared a personal dream he had the night Harry died, about being together at the temple.  Maddie read the obituary, Davin and Sophia shared favorite memories, but the most touching was Jenny.  She spoke of her little buddy.  Of their spacial relationship.  She spoke of him and his cute personality.
She shared a very touching story.  She always talked to him about not getting bigger.  How he fit perfectly in her arms and that she didn't want to get bigger.  He would reply that he was going to get bigger :) before he turned 5 he told her that he would stop at 5.  Well, his birthday came and he said "Mom, I think one more...I think I want to turn 6, but then I'll stop.  I won't get bigger than 6" He never changed his mind about that.  And he didn't get bigger than 6.  He kept his promise to his Mom.

We didn't attend the graveside ceremony.  They did a big (like 200) balloon release.  While they were burying their son, we were helping to set up the luncheon.   Jenny didn't want a "normal" funeral luncheon. She didn't want funeral potatoes, and casseroles.  She wanted to have a party for Harry.  With all his favorite things.  Done in his favorite colors.  They ordered Dominos Pizza, his favorite.  And had people bring breadsticks, salads, and cupcakes.  Thankfully, I had plenty of opportunities to serve.  I was able to help set up, before and after the funeral.

I made a tile with his monogram on it, for the memory table.  Apparently he was way into his initials.  He loved finding them and being able to recognize them in random lettering.

Karen and I made his focal point banner.  Three tiers of his name.

There were balloons, gum balls, and giant teddybears everywhere.

I made theses cupcakes, with special toppers.  Half of my cupcakes had these toppers,

And the other half in tribute of his favorite...Mario.

I made a few extra to spread out on other cupcakes that were coming.

They even had and snow cone table.

"H" and "K" by me.
His memory table.

We didn't end up going to the luncheon since it was just for family.  But we were told it was a success, a real party Harry would have loved to come to.  Jenny loved it, and that's what was most important. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A ribbon for every tree

I live in such an amazing community.  Seriously, the best.  
My neighbor, and friend, RIGHT across the street, had the UNTHINKABLE happen.  Her 6 year old "baby" died the day before.  In the tub, with what they believe to be an underlying medical condition. 
I didn't know him well, in fact I can only remember one time, recently, that our kids were at the same birthday party.  I do know Jenny well, Dave is friends with the Dad, and their oldest daughter is our all time favorite babysitter.  So we LOVE the family and wanted to show support any way we could.  

Their next door neighbor, also right across the street :) had the idea to tie white ribbons on the trees, lining our street, in remembrance of little Harry.   She texted me, and asked me to ask my neighbors, and they could ask theirs and so on....

By the time all the ribbon, and fabric was purchased, we had a little army ready and waiting to tie.  It was AMAZING to see everyone show up and support this family.  Active members, and non-active members, non-members, and neighbors.  EVERYONE was there.  So many people in fact, that we not only tied all the trees on our street, but all the surrounding streets and pretty much our whole neighborhood.  It was incredible to be a part of, and for me, a big factor in staying in Utah as opposed to moving to Tennessee.  I can't imagine raising my kids in a better community.  A community that comes together in the face of tragedy.  A community I know would come together in any tragic event.  The feeling of comfort, love, and safety I have here is priceless.  

Aubree wanted to show her support.  Here she is in front of their house. 

There were little "clusters" of families, friends, neighbors, at every tree...

And the few trees surrounding their house got tied on branches as well as trunks! 

Tying the long beautiful bows on the columns. 

All ages came.  Cute little Elle wanted to help by tying a ribbon too. 

A ribbon for every tree...

Sophia, who is their second youngest, wanted to hang Harry's baby picture by the front door.  

Here is their cute family.  Harry had the biggest smile, and was such a sweet little boy.  

He LOVED Mario, school, soccer, and most of all his family.  He will be dearly missed in our community.