Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Turn the rain down.

I always have to update with the girls milestones or new cute things, or I will forget them. so for Aubree:

I sleep in as late as I can. I am NOT a morning person. Aubree always wakes up before me. And it is her special time with Dad. She hangs out with him as he is getting ready for work, he gets her breakfast and turns on a movie or Super Why for her. It's a daily routine and Aubree loves her one on one time with Dad. And I love more sleep. Some days Dave wakes up late and can't get her breakfast or hang out and Aubree gets so sad. It's cute to know how much she values that time with her Dad.

Our neighbors (Seth and Karen) are having some yard work done and Aubree has been so interested. The workers were out their one morning with all their tools and truck and by nap time Aubs was still watching. During her nap they ripped up all of Karen's grass and were prepping to put in a new sprinkling system. When Aubree woke up she went to her window, saw their yard and said "Mommy where did Sammy's grass go?" She was very concerned.

We had a rain storm a few days ago. Aubree was watching Toy Story and kept asking me to turn up the volume. I kept telling her "no, it's loud enough", and she kept asking. Then she asked if we could listen to music. I said "No, Toy Story is on" so she looked up at me and said "Then can you turn the rain down?"

Another time watching Toy Story (it's her new favorite) she looked up at me and said "Mom, I am one special kid." Pretty priceless.

The other night we had a pretty bad wind storm. (where is Spring?) Aubree got out of bed around 10:30, the wind was too loud and she couldn't sleep. Dave went and got her and brought her downstairs to be with us. I asked her if the wind was keeping her up. She said "No, it's keeping me scared."

And now for little Soph:

She finally has a tooth! Yeah! Right after her birthday we saw something poking through her gums. She was grumpy, drooly, all the classic symptoms of teething. I drugged her up :) and pretty soon she cut three teeth. One on bottom and two on top. She now has cut another tooth on top and I can see the rest coming. She got them late, but it looks like they're all coming now. Too bad the only one you can see is the bottom snaggle that doesn't have a friend. Hopefully soon.

She loves mimicking sounds. It's fun to play that game with her, Aubree even enjoys it. It's super cute when they growl to each other. So since then she has started to say more words. (So far she can say Mama, Dada, Bottle, and don't) now she has started to say Aubree. She has said it before in isolated cases. But only when prompted. Now she'll call out for her sister. It is really cute. When she wakes up in the morning we can hear her in her crib saying "Aubree?, Aubree?'' wondering where she is. And if Sophie is awake during Aubree's nap (which happens more times than I want it too) She'll look around corners, or go into other rooms saying "Aubree?" trying to find her. She also says "hi" (which again she has before, but never knowing what it means.) It's fun seeing her try to find reasons to say it. She'll walk out of a room and then walk back right in and say "HI". Or if she's trying to get your attention she'll just say "hi,hi,hi,hi,hi" as many times as she needs to before you acknowledge her. She just learned how to say bye bye and says it on command, but not if you don't say it to her yet. And just today she said "amen" after hearing it, after a prayer. I love this phase of talking. So fun.

She is such a Daddy's girl. If we are both home she wants him. She'll cry if I have to hold her. It's sad for me, but I have a Momma's girl so it's only fair that he gets one too. Along those same lines, she likes men more than women. She'll go to my Dad, but not my Mom. She wants Grandpa more than Grandma. And any time we're with friends she gravitates to the boy! It's pretty fun to watch.

She learned how to go down the stairs. It is the cutest thing to watch. At first she just knew how to stop mid flight and slide down backward. Now she can do it from the landing. She inches her toe so slowly until it reaches the edge, then turns around and slides the whole way down. I need to get it on tape, it is priceless with those thunder thighs bouncing down. I still don't let her do it unattended, because our stairs are so steep and have the hard wood at the bottom. But so far so good. It is so nice to almost be out of that scary stair stage.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dave's Birthday

This year for Dave's birthday, he wanted to get away and go to St. George. We left Thursday, the day before his birthday, and discovered something new. The best time to travel with our girls is at night. It's not our favorite time, but at least we know that they will do well. We've tried going at nap time in the past, but it doesn't really work. This was really nice though. We didn't get there until almost midnight, but it gave us a whole day for Friday.

Friday, I had a bunch of presents that I gave him at different intervals throughout the day. He picked what we did since it was his birthday. We went to the Mall!!!! I wouldn't believe it myself but I was there! He wanted to go trade his hat that his parents gave him because it was too small and get some new pants. Then we went out to Cafe Rio for lunch.

Seth and Karen had spent the previous week in Disneyland and were driving through St. George, so we invited them to stay. We went out for dinner at Olive Garden and came home to put the kid down and play games.

The rest of the trip was full of boring and lazy happenings. We read books, played video games and took the kids to the sand dunes. We saw Dave's grandparents who always have us over for a delicious meal, and went shopping. Dave took Aubree out on the Golf course to hit balls and we watched movies. It was a nice getaway but always too short. We came home Monday and life finally is some what back to normal.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bowling with Friends

Later that night we went to Bountiful to see some of our friends, the Featherstones. They had a cute baby boy months ago, but we hadn't seen him yet. So it was high time. I still wanted to be with my Aunt and Uncle, so we invited them along. We went to Chipotle for dinner, which is always delicious. And Shae had the brilliant idea of going bowling. And by the way, their little boy Luke is to-die-for cute. I'm glad we finally got to meet him. It was fun to see how similar our girls are. First off, they look alike, and throughout the night we kept finding random things about them that were the same. It was so fun, we call them little twins now...they really are. But about bowling. I'd never thought to take Aubree, and she LOVED it. (Sophie had fun too, trying to pick up the balls, and watching them come back up after a turn) It was hard for her to wait her turn, but when it was, she was so excited. It didn't matter to her how many pins she knocked down, or what her score was, she purely enjoyed it for the fun. I love being reminded of the little things through my cute girls. We had a blast and were so glad to see our friends because it had been so long!

Saying Goodbye (this time, the same old story)

(I added pictures to the Easter, wedding, and reception posts, if interested...and some cute videos on reception...)
(Bonus if you know where the title comes from) I'll be adding pictures later to all the posts related to the wedding as I get them. (a side note to any family that might be reading this :)

Saturday morning. The wedding is over! The chaos is over! All the running around is over! But now it is time to say goodbye :( My Mom woke up sick with the flu! She felt very blessed to have been well during all the festivities since lots of others were getting sick. There are very important roles that mothers play in a wedding (to be there for Carlee in the inititory and endowment, in the bride's room before the sealing, and after to help get ready for pictures, and of course the support only a mother can give...) and to have missed that would have been devastating for both her and Carlee.

The morning consisted of packing up and leaving. It was sad to say goodbye, but always inevitable. We hugged, we cried, we chased Aubree down the street a few times, and then they were gone. Shortly after, they were back :) You always forget something. But then they really left. No matter how nice it is to have my space back and less noise and chaos, I would always trade it in a heartbeat to have my family stay. It's always an adventure.

Jenni and Corey were still with us and we had a good time relaxing the rest of the day.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Sophie and Jenni.

Little flowers girls holding the train.Cute Sophie after pictures, and ripping her hair bow out!

The next day (it has been a CRAZY week) was the reception. It wasn't until night so we had all morning to prepare. My family went to run last minuet errands, again, while Kelsey and I stayed home. Through all the crazies of the week so far it was just nice to see my family and be spending time with them even though most of the time was rushed. I actually ran a few myself and during the girls nap we got ready in our cute outfits. My Mom had come home, realized Kelsey, Ben and I were ready and asked us to do her a favor. She wanted us to figure out how many gallons we would need to feed 400 people an 8oz. cup of milk...well it's 50! So we went to Costco, in our bridesmaid dresses and groomsman outfit, and bought 50 gallons of milk, and 6 gallons of soy milk. We got a lot of stares in our outfits and even more when they saw our carts (we filled three) full of milk and one giant cooler. It was entertaining. We got home, Dave was there...got the girls ready and headed out to the reception to do pictures before it started. When we got there we found out that my niece Tori now had the flu going around and Dave and Kelsey started to feel sick! Tori was too sick to even get dressed in her flower girl outfit and be in pictures. She had to lay down on a couch the whole time! And Kelsey joined her for part of the night.

It was a little chaotic when we got there. People were setting up cookies, getting dressed and ready, setting up pictures and doing all the finishing touches to make it beautiful. It was a mad rush to get family pictures and we were still at it as the first guests were arriving. Once it started it seemed to run smoothly. The cute photographer pulled us aside to get bridesmaid pictures, and then did the same with the groomsmen. We did interviews with the videographers (which was weird) and tried to mingle. Aubree and Sophie were not making it very easy to enjoy ourselves. There was an elevator shaft on one of the walls just behind the room the reception was in and of course Sophie wanted to be by it. It was an open hole in the building with wood barricading it, but there was about two feet of empty space that Sophie could easily crawl under and fall to her death...so we had to keep eyes on her at all times. And all my dad's equipment was accessible so we had to keep them away from cords. Thing you don't think twice about when you don't have kids...but are big dangers when you do.

The reception did turn out beautiful. They had it at the Salt Lake Hardware Building. It was very unique and fit perfectly with their style. I can't wait to see the pictures. They did most of the decorations themselves and set the whole thing up. I was very impressed. And I loved her cake, it was so cute. It was a three tier, square fondant style with black damask and the topper was a statue of Ariel and Eric. So perfect.

It was still weird only having one contact in, but at least the pain seemed to be gone for now, and I hadn't had the flu that was spreading around. And it was so fun to see all the people. It has been a fun week of seeing family and seeing family that I don't get to often. It was also fun seeing all of our family friends and old ward members from Bountiful. It's always fun to have a reason to get together. And weddings are the best.

The line lasted FOREVER and Sophie was just not making it. Dave decided to go home with my Uncle Corey and Sophie and put her to bed. It was nice to have one less kid, but Aubree was also tired and not listening too well. I powered through because it was really important for me to see my Dad preform and watch the cutting of the cake. After the forever line ended the "program" started. Jessie Clark Funk, a family friend and singer, preformed a song with my Dad playing the piano. Then it was my Dad's turn, who sang "The way you look tonight" (a tradition in our family) and something else (?) and then the song he wrote for Carlee. Then Eric sang and then they sang together. It was really beautiful and was a perfect way to begin the ending of the reception. Next was the cake. They were very nice to each other, which I love. Carlee threw the bouquet and her newly niece caught it. Carlee didn't bring a garter so Eric threw one of his guitar pics for the boys. At that point Jenni and I said our goodbye's and apologies for not being able to stay and help clean up, and took Aub's home to go to bed. She feel asleep on the way home. No surprises there. And Jenni and I ended up sitting in front of my house having a really good talk. But we were pooped so we wrapped it up and hit the sack. That night there were 13 people (including me and my other three) sleeping in the house. I loved it.

I though I'd add some videos of the beautiful songs. Hope you enjoy. (for some reason I can't get the video to work of my Dad singing the song he wrote for Cha...) And I uploaded them in the wrong order. You have to watch the last one before the middle one....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Wedding Day!!!

The very next day, Wednesday we had NOTHING! It was nice to have a day without commitments. Unfortunately I woke up and my infection was so painful that I couldn't even open my eyes. I was crying and had to have all the lights out and both eyes shut to even be functioning, which doesn't work well with being a Mom. So my sweet sister and brother volunteered to watch the girls while my parents took me to the doctor to get some help. I had to borrow my sis's sunglasses because she has huge ones. I still couldn't open my eye but at least I didn't get a migraine from the light. The doctor that I used to work for was the one who was working that day, so it was pretty fun. We caught each other up with our lives and then he took a look. He had these amazing numbing drops that hurt way even worse for a minuet but then, bliss. He wrote me a rx and even prescribed the I take a nap to let my eye start healing itself with the medicine! So much better. He said I still couldn't wear contacts but if I didn't want to wear glasses for the wedding I could just go half blind with the contact in just my left eye. As long as there was hope. I had to put drops in 4x a day for 7 days...so annoying, but obviously worth it. And this special cream for the first few nights...

After that I went home and we all just kind of hung out while my parents went running around. Ben and I played games yet again. One of my favorite things. And I didn't take my prescribed nap, I didn't want to waste any time. My Mom called around 4:00 and wanted to know if I wanted to go with all the girls to get a manicure. Of course. My Dad came home and Dave was on his way home so I left the girls napping and joined my girls. I always love doing girly things and this was really fun. We all got french tips.

We got back and it was my job to cook a meal for 12! My older sister was now in town so we all were together for dinner. (Although Kelsey went on a date with Guy Gibbons who is a good family friend, it went well...) It got a little hectic, but fun. As we tried to figure out the morning plan with limited cars and kids who couldn't go with parents to the Temple until later....but after much discussion and Ben and Dave laughing at my Mom (who was being feisty with my Dad) we finally had a game plan. And went to bed.

Thursday morning. Wedding Day!
We had to be up, ready, have the girls ready with diaper bag and such, and be out the door by 8:30....and we did it. It's very disorienting walking around with only one contact, but much better than wearing my glasses. The ceremony was at the Salt Lake Temple. We got there with time to spare and I noticed people there who I didn't know were coming. My Uncle Jared flew (?) in, and our really good friends from California also flew in. And of course all my Aunts Uncles Grandparents etc.. who are local were there. (Actually my Granni couldn't make it, she was still sick from the bug going around.) The ceremony was beautiful. The sealer did an amazing job. He had a perfect balance of humor, sensitivity and seriousness. It was my second favorite ceremony I've been to. (and no, ours is not the first. I don't remember one word our sealer said. I'm sure it was beautiful, but I couldn't tell you...) I can't describe the feelings I had in that room being with the people I love the most in the right place doing the right thing. It brought back memories of the strong feelings I had in my sealing of the presence of My Grandpa Joe who died when I was 11. It really gives you a great (mortal) perspective of the eternities and families. I loved seeing my sister up there on the alter with my parents on either side of her (in the room) and being with my eternal companion. It's a moment unlike any I've ever had. And I hope I can experience it 3 more times. :) After we all got the chance to congratulate the new couple we went out to wait for their exit into the world as newlywed's!

Still waiting....

I just loved these pictures of Aubree and her cousin Tori.

And this cute shot of Aubree with my Uncle Corey. (Who she calls uncle "Curry". She just loves him.)
Could this picture be any more priceless?
The grounds were beautiful and it was a pretty nice day. Family pictures are always hard and our girls didn't last to long, but they had a good time. Aubree actually escaped and ran into the temple and Dave had to go in and get her! But pretty much a good time.

We cruised home to change, put the kids to bed, run the monitor over to Karen to "watch" them and ran right back out the door for the luncheon. On the way there was a bit of a crisis. my Mom had driven Carlee's car in that morning and now that Carlee and Eric were done with pictures they had no idea where her car was. And little did we know that my Mom's phone was in a bag in the car. We tried calling a million times but obviously didn't get through. They ended up having someone shuttle them around the parking garage until they found the car. And eventually they showed up.

The luncheon was nice. It was at Eric's ward house. They had it made up cute and the food was delicious. It was nice to see the rest of my family that couldn't be at the Temple. We took turns introducing who we were while we were waiting for Carlee and Eric to arrive. Eric's Dad was the emcee and had invited everyone to come up and share stories and congratulate the couple. It was fun to hear stories of Eric and how he was as a child and teenager. And even more fun to tell stories of Carlee. Brittany got up first (of our family) and shared some touching thoughts, and of course cried. I decided I should go up next. I shared a classic Carlee story and my love for her and Eric. I of course cried....and everyone from my family that shared also cried. We are babies. But my favorite was my Dad's. He shared the story of how Eric And my parents had the "talk" when they went out to Tennessee for Christmas. I guess the first thing Eric said to my Dad was how much he loved his daughter and there was a really special spirit in the room. My Dad said Eric had him from that moment. There were only a few dry eyes in the room. Including Eric, who we have come to know is a very emotional young man. You can tell when he is touched and it made the moments very special. My Dad continued by reading the song he wrote for Carlee, to be preformed at the reception. Eric shared a special address also in which he had to compose himself a few times. And my brother Ben wrapped it all up with his comments. It was a special luncheon and yet another experience to add in my bank.

We got back to find that our kids slept through the whole luncheon, so Karen didn't have to do too much work. :) My family then went to go set up the reception. I stayed home to watch the kids and Dave headed over to Seth's house for a much needed guy night. When my Family got home we turned on The Blindside. I was so excited to see it but with my stupid infection and drops my eye got really achy and tired at night and even though I wasn't tired I couldn't keep my eyes open, so I bailed. Hoping for a better tomorrow.


Again no pictures, but hopefully you can visualize. So Tuesday morning my we woke up to find out that my Dad had been up all night with the flu. Yuck. My Mom went to go get him med and the pharmacist told her to take these pills (I can't remember what they were) to help the rest of us prevent it. We gladly took them. A few phone calls later we learned the my Granni and Eric (the groom) were also sick. Not good. I also woke up with an eye infection that was pretty gross. I'd gladly take that over the flu, but it was painful and I had to wear my nasty glasses...

We had a fun day around the house, and Ben and I played more games during my girls nap. It was just fun to be around my family even though people were always in an out and running around trying to get last minuet things done. With all the festivities I didn't want to leave my kids with sitters to much, so I asked Ben to watch my girls that night with Karen on call. And I had Karen come over and put them bed so it would be easier for him. I was more worried for him than the girls. I knew they would be fine, but you never know what they'll do when your gone. My Mom left early with Carlee because she was taking her endowments out for the first time, and they had to be there before the rest of us for the intiatories. Dave was just planing on meeting us there from work, so that left my Dad and me to drive out together. We were a pretty pathetic pair. He was trying real hard to not be sick since this was an important day, and I was having a hard time seeing with my nasty infection and it is worse in light so we were having fun making fun of our selves. My Dad was feeling too sick to do the session but was planning on meeting us in the Celestial room. He wanted me to tell Carlee he just wasn't feeling well enough and then surprise her at the end.

Of course we hit traffic, an accident that really delayed us, and ended up making it on time with only seconds to spare. I met up with Dave in the chapel room, and to my great surprise my Dad was there. He said he wanted to try to make it. Eric was also sick and he was having a hard time, but luckily everyone was able to make it. I didn't get to sit by my mom or sis, there were two other brides there and they all had the front row. (coincidentally one was the fiance of a good family friend of Dave's and it was fun to see them!) But I got to sit by Eric's mom and sister who I really like. He has an awesome family.

The session was amazing. To be there with a lot of my family really made it special. And the celestial room was awesome. The spirit was so strong, and to be able to share that with Carlee brought me to tears. We all had a big group hug and then broke up into little groups, hugging and crying. It brought back so many fun memories of when that was me with my parents and now they can share that great joy with another child. 3 more to go! It really was a special moment and I am so glad that we were there. We had been there for a while and we were talking with my Mom and I had mentioned something about the session reminding me of Lost (I know, so not appropriate...) but my Mom's response made us all laugh. She said something like "Lost, oh, that's on tonight, lets go, now!" It was pretty funny I said, "MOM!" and she said, "Oh sorry, when are you guys wanting to go..." We obviously had been there long enough to really capture the moment but it was time to leave. I called Ben on the way home to make sure he wasn't cracked, and he sounded like he survived pretty well. It was an incredibly amazing night and I feel so blessed to have moments like this to know what is really important.

Later that night my other little sister Kelsey flew in. An old missionary from my parents home ward in Tennessee was here so he picked Kelsey up since we were all at the Temple. And of course my beautiful little sis got a phone number from the guy she was sitting by on the plane. He also made her a rose made out of red duct tape. It was so cute. So now we were all here except for my older sister and her youngest, Kilee. (Tori drove in with my parents, but her Dad picked her up the next morning.)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Bachlorette party

Monday, (right after Easter) was Carlee's bachlorette party. We did have time during the day to spend together and not feel too crazy. I even got to play Ticket to Ride and Settlers with my Mom and Ben. Two of my most flavorite games. But that night got a little crazy. We decided to go out to dinner. So my Mom, Dad and Bro and my crew went to Cafe Rio. Always good, and they don't have one it Tennessee so it's always a must when they come out. (And we had In-n-out for lunch) That night was the last showing our ward house was open for the "Reflections of Christ". We had put off going earlier because we knew my family was going to be here and wanted to go with them (little did we know they had already seen it...) so we went to do that for family night before I left. It turned out to be pretty neat. They're real pictures taken by an artist of actors playing roles of Christ and all the Bible characters during his life. It was good for the girls to see and Aubree always gets concerned when she sees Christ bleeding. Setting aside all her crazies, she has a very sensitive spirit that I hope she carries throughout her life.

Then it was time to jet off to the party. On the way it decided to BLIZZARD on me! I was so scared by the time I got there I was ns absolutely no hurry to leave. Carlee's friend Nikki (and former roommate) threw it for her. It was really cute with yummy food and a HUGE punch bowl full of blue powerade. Sooo good. I think I had a million cups full. I arrived late and when I had got there they had me start on the games. I received a set of rings, but if I said "Eric" or "Wedding" it would be taken away. And the other was a piece of paper on it that said "Eric and Carlee" and I had to make as many words/names as I could. Carlee was the tentative winner with 45 and I had to beat that if I wanted to win. We chatted for a while and then went in to do presents. It was a lingerie shower so we were all excited! She got some pretty choice items. My favorite was a black see-through "leotard" that snaps, and her friend that gave it to her said "their are no tags, I took them all off, and no receipts. You're keeping it and you ARE going to wear it." I was laughing pretty hard. By this time I had about 35 words on my list, when one of cha's friends told me I could do names also. Well it only took me another minuet and I got in the 50's somewhere. My favorite name that their names spell is "Ariel" haha. It was fun to meet her roommates that she always talks about and other friends Iv'e never known. We made Carlee try on her cute outfits over her clothes and then it pretty much wrapped up.... One of her friends won the ring challenge and I won the name challenge. It always feels good to win. By the time I got home it was late but everyone was up watching Sherlock Holmes. We stayed up a little longer and then hit the sack.

Beautiful Blogger Award

My cute Aunt Jenni tagged me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I feel so special :) I know there aren't a ton of people who follow my blog. But it makes me happy that someone does and enjoys it. Thank you Jenni.

The rules of the award are: list seven things about yourself, link back to the person who gave you the award, and pass the award on to seven other bloggers.

Seven things about my self.

1. I have been married for 7 years ( I got married at 19) and I have two beautiful girls.

2. I get really bad motion sickness. I have to walk out of some movies, and the first night of our cruise on our honeymoon, I spent drugged up on dramamine.

3. I was home schooled for half a year in fifth grade, and unfortunalty don't know any of my capitals. (or any thing else you learn that year :)

4. I went to 5 different elementary schools. Woodstock in SLC. Oakwood in SLC. Aspen in California, Madronia in California, and my Mom's home school group, I don't know what it was called. Also in California.

5. I call California home even though I have lived in Utah most my life.

6. I am always cold. My Dad calls us girls lizards because we love to soak up the sun.

7. My favorite number is 48. Because it's beautiful.

I tag the following seven bloggers: (in no specific order)

1. Karen Miller

2. Lexi Andelin

3. Natalie Malan

4. Chels Marsh

5. Carlee (Photography Blog)

6. Shae Featherstone

7. Nicole Coles

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter with family

The next day, (after the shower) was Easter Sunday and conference. Aubree and Sophie woke up to find the Easter bunny came to visit! I thought I was doing pretty well by only putting candy in three of her eggs but I forgot Sophie won't really eat hers so it doubled! But she did get little squishy bunnies in her eggs. (I was so excited when I found them.) Sophie didn't really know what was going on, but she had fun with all the grass and absolutely loved the little bunny necklaces. I love any reason to surprise the girls especially with deeper meaning behind it.

We had already celebrated with Dave's family in preparation of the week so we celebrated with mine. We watched the morning session together, and during the break I invited Karen and the boys to come do eggs with Aubree. They loved it. I only made six eggs because I knew we wouldn't eat them later, and I just wanted to introduce her to it....not bombard her with them. And it was the perfect amount. She wasn't overwhelmed and really enjoyed watching them turn colors, draw and then do stickers. Didn't they turn out beautiful? I think Sammy had fun too. And his were also beautiful.

Then we all played ligretto together. Always fun. The second session started so our friends left and we watched the session before going up to my Granni's. Then we went up to my Granni's house who lives in Layton. Again it was a fun time to spend together. My aunt Caryn and Granni put together an egg hunt for the kids with their names on them so it was even for everyone. Aubree was very eager to help Sophie collect hers, in fact Soph never got out the door before Aubree was done! And again we all forget camera's so no pics to document. But still a good time. My cousin Cami is getting married in the summer so we had a chance to talk to her about her plans, and boy (whom I've never met) and hear all the fun details. The food was good the company was awesome, but as always, my children made it so we only stayed for a few hours and had to leave.

On a side note, this is the first time I have seen my brother and Dad in a while. And it is crazy how they have changed. First off my "little" brother who now towers over us girls is turning into a little man. It's bizarre and I'm not sure how I feel about it. He is so cute or "handsome" as he would say. And he has a drivers permit. I swear he is still my little baby brother, but not really. And my Dad!!! Seriously, he has lost 55 lbs!!! It took me until the last day they were here to finally sort of get used to it. I stared at him a lot during their trip. I hope I didn't weird him out to much :) My Aunt Jenni kept calling him a cancer patient. And for us who never got to see the gradual change, it feels like it was just over night and now I have this skinny Dad who has smile lines (like dimples, not from age...) that I never saw before in all the fluff! It tok some getting used to, but I can again call him Dad., not Dad?

Carlee's shower

A couple weeks ago we had a big event in my family, my lil' sis got married!!! Since my family decided to desert my sister and I in Utah they all came back for the festivities. And we crammed all the festivities into one crazy week. My family drove in Friday night and Saturday, conference, was her shower. Eric's sister, Maren, and I threw the shower for her and I think it turned out pretty fun. We had a lot of people offer to help and do so much. we both have awesome families!
Along all the tables I had cute lovey quotes with pictures
And a couple of arrangements for them to keep if they want. We all forgot our camera's and thankfully my Aunt Jenni had hers so I asked her if she would take all the pics'. (Thanks :)
Me and Cha with Soph. Eric's sis and Mom and my Mom in the back.
Cute Jensen's in the back, with cousins and Aunts.
You can kind of see the pom pom's I made in the back. Carlee ended up displaying them at the reception too!

Sophie also had lots of fun. It was too bad the only night we could do the shower was on Priesthood night, so I had to take the girls. They were psycho but a lot of my family was willing to help so that I could enjoy myself.
We decided we didn't want to do any games so instead, we had Cha tell the story of how they met and got engaged and any questions people had about them. Over all it was a good turnout and it was fun to see everyone together and to meet his family.