Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Does anyone else just "love" the new Rapunzle dolls as much as me?


My sister Kelsy is so helpful and is always watching my kids. The L.O.V.E her, and I never have to worry when she's the one I'm leaving them with. So the other day when she was watching them Sophie was having a snack of Doritios. After eating a few she was rubbing her hands (in an attempt to clean them) and Kels started laughing. Aubree immediately asked her what she was laughing at. (She gets really embarrassed and if she thinks your laughing at her it makes her upset.) So Kels explained that she was laughing at Sophie, because she was being cute. So Aubree asked, "because she was doing that with her hands?" Kels said yes, and then she replied "I do that with my hands too. When my hands get spicey, that's what I do too." (something like that) Cute girl. I love hearing the fun stories Kelsey has to tell me!

Sophie is my reader. She LOVES books. That is her toy of choice. And she has started "reading" them to herself. (she has always looked at them by herself...but now will say words along with the pages...) So I had to record one. My favorite is the end when she says "the end" in her cute little voice!

Monday, May 30, 2011


Amidst my crazy week, I had a friend with a birthday and visiting teaching appointments scheduled. Then I was invited to a Farewell Party for the end of the Oprah show. So I made cupcakes, lots and lots of cupcakes. Althouhg I didn't take pictures of two other sets....but for My friend Danny's birthday...
For one of the girls I visit teach (the other two were the ones I forgot to picture...)
And for the Oprah party!

So now the party:
We were each asked to bring an "Oprah-licious" treat to share. So naturally I wanted to make cupcakes.
But I also wanted to make them special. So I decided to fill them. I just googled the best method to do it, and it's basically like using a bread bowl with soup. You just cut a "cone" out of the top, slice off the cone so you have a "lid" and fill the hole with whatever you want. replace the lid, frost, and you're done! It was a bit time consuming...but so worth it. I made lemon cupcakes, and wanted to fill them with lemon pudding. Then I topped 'em with cream cheese frosting. They were SO good! But I ran out of frosting and had to compromise.
So they weren't as pretty, but slap some cute toppers on, and I felt good to go.
On her front door in the wreath, Anne Marie had hung this cute sign.
And as soon as you walk in this was hanging off from the top floor. So cute!
And then she had a table of favors, with "favorite thing" for us to take when we left.

We got a group shot, but I haven't recieved my copy yet...it was really fun, and good to get out of the house after taking care of sick Sophie all day for the past couple of days...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Busy week

Some weeks feel so much busier than others. This one was a weird mix of sitting on the couch all day and being super busy...Sophie was very subdued Monday, and by that afternoon she was really warm and was acting more tired than usual. She seemed in good spirits though so for Family Night we went to the Party place. Btw have you ever had "spud-pizza"? SO delicious...

By Tuesday morning she was in full blown fever mode, no other symptoms just fever and tired. So for the next three day we lived on the couch. It's always hard taking care of a sick baby, but when you don't know what is wrong...it sucks! I was just giving her lots of fluids and medicine and it finally dawned on me that she had her immunizations about a week ago and she always reacts about 10 days later. Thankfully she wasn't sick, and finally Friday she was feeling better and her fever had broke!
We wanted to celebrate, we went out to dinner and took the girls to Kung Fu-Panda 2. My cute sister Kelsey joined us. The girls were having a blast, and about an hour into the movie Sophie was acting a little weird. A few minuets later she projectile vomited all over Dave and Aubree's seat. So needles to say they left. Aubs and I stayed and LOVED the movie, but we had a constant waft of sour milk vomit.....I tried to clean it up as best as I could. But I only had one wipe and A LOT of puke! We later realized that it also wasn't a "sick" throw up. None of her stomach contents (dinner, treats she had during the movie) came up....just a TON a milk that she had been downing. Apparently it just didn't make it all the way down, and couldn't!

Saturday we spent the day at Dave's parents house. He golfed with his Dad while we watched the kids....later that night we were invited out to dinner with some of our friends, the Collins and the McDonald's. We went to a restaurant called Nacho Libre. It was awesome. They had a big poster of Jack Black in his Nacho outfit and there was a character dressed in the Nacho outfit who walked around, filled up water...he was killin' me! After, we went over to the McDoanld's (and it was they're 7 yr. anniversary!) and played Wits and Wagers. It was a fun filled week and a party I went to Wednesday night (that will get it's own post) was also added into the mix. Whew. Maybe this week will be a little more calm....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This is my typical weeks worth of laundry for the girls. Aubree's hamper on the left. Full to the brim, usually spilling over, as she likes to wear multiple outfits a day. Sophie's on the right with all the failed attempts to get her to wear clothes. This is actually a fuller hamper then usual!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Aubree's first pet

Today was a beautiful day...when it wasn't raining. It was kind of off and on all day. When the kids woke up from their nap it was just too nice to stay inside. So we went on a walk to the Temple. A great Sunday outing that we love. On the way Aubree got really excited because she found a "caterpillar". I went over to see and it was actually a potato bug. I helped her pick it up and she was SO excited for her little bug. A little ways up the road we found a "big fat mommy bug", so she had two. We walked around for a bit and Aubree decided to call them tweedle bugs, then it started to lightly rain so we headed home. We explained to Aubree on the way that we had to leave her bugs outside when we got home, cause they don't live inside. She would not part with them. She was just standing out in the rain looking down at her little bugs and we caved. We got a glass vase..filled it with dirt and such...and brought them in.

Here is her "mommy bug"
She made sure to put her gently in her new home.
She just loves them!
And I think they like it too!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Aubree's final birthday celebration

Aubree told me that she wanted a party just like Soph. That was really easy since I had extra of everything. I hardly did any work for it and it turned out SUPER cute.

The exceptions were:
number 1: "pin the jewel on the crown" since Aubree is getting older, I wanted to do some fun games with the girls. I made this crown out of vinyl and put it on the wall. It looked too lonely by itself so I added the words last minute. I put a table right by, that had the jewels, bubble wands as their prize, and a bunch of princess items to wear as they put the jewel on.

The cute favors. A bunch of Aubree's favorites.

Beautiful cake that my neighbor Brenda made.

the "birthday" girl, anxiously waiting for her friends to come.
and cute Soph.
Her friends that came were:
Helen Soqui
Missy McDonald
Hazel Jeffries
Ella Reading and
Ava Benson..she was so happy they could make it and they all had a blast. First off was presents. And I am so happy that four years later, she actually likes to open them!
Exception #2:
instead of doing a balloon "pit" like we had at Sophie's party...we had a balloon hunt. I put three pieces of candy in each balloon, and hid them outside. I had them all find three balloons and then we popped them to find their prize inside.

I then asked all the little girls to line up at the wall like they do at church...and they did! They were such a good group of girls. I thought the agenda would take a lot longer, but they were so compliant that we were rushing through it...
I gave each girl the option to be blindfolded and wear any princess items as they put the jewels on the crown...
Ella was the only one who wanted to be blindfolded...(but then Missy wanted to too!)
But they all wore the princess shoes!

After that we had cake and ice cream, and the "party" was done....except we had half an hour to kill before the parents came....so we blowed bubbles with their new bubble wands..
got a picture of all the girls together..
and the beautiful crown, finshed.Soph was having fun with it all day...
It was so much fun and Aubree was so happy to finally have her party with her friends.

Later that night her friend Hazel had her birthday party. They rented a taco cart and had a big party. The taco's were AMAZING. I had 5! Yep. I'm pretty much a bottomless pit, and I couldn't stop...

It was a fun filled day.

Here we are singing Happy Birthday to Aubs.