Sunday, June 28, 2009


My poor Aubree Mae. We went swimming Saturday night and on the way home Aubree was running, tripped over the blanket wrapped around her, and face planted on the cement. Luckily I didn't see this happen. I heard it happen, and as you can see she has a fat lip. It's so cute, but oh so sad. She cut up her nose, and the inside of her mouth. We call her a pterodactyl right now cause she has a little beak.

We were going to get our family pictures taken tomorrow, but now we'll have to postpone. It's so cute when she smiles, because her lips get skinny, but the swollen part and it looks exaggerated. She's a tough cookie and keeps reminding us of that. The only good thing for her is now she gets multiple popsicles a day to help the swelling.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Aubree's Cuteness

I feel like alot of my posts have been about Sophie because her milestones are more frequent. So this is going to be all about the cuteness of Aubree.

First: Aubree has been learning how to say prayers. She won't actually say them on her own yet, or even repeat what we say. She waits for us to start and when we bless people she jumps in. She did it for the first time the other day and blessed My sister Brittany and Travis. She gradually started adding family members until now when she says about everyone she knows. There have been four "blessings" that have stood out. She blessed the kitchen, "Grumps head" (which my dad took as a bad omen since she "is closer to heaven than him"), Sophie's eyes and Tori's back. She is getting pretty specific.

Second: Like every other kid she picks up on what we say. When she's doing something especially cute I always ask her "could you be any cuter?" She replies "no" and I say "I didn't think so." Now she prompts me, if she does something funny she'll look at me and say "could Aubree be any cuter?" and waits until I say it back to her and continues in the dialogue.

Third: The other day we went to the splash pool with friends. We woke up late and so I was rushing to get ready. The girls were already ready so I laid Soph down and ahe wouldn't stop crying. Aubree looked at me and said "Baby Sophie's hungry hu? I told her that she probably was and that I would feed her when I was done. She walked out of the room and came back with a bottle and sat there and fed her while I finished getting ready, it was a precious moment.
She's learning how to be a good big sister.

Fourth: She is a technology bug, like her Dad. Our first Mac book we owned, dropped and it was totally destroyed. I fell right on the part where to fix it would be more than buying a new one and to erase it would almost be impossible. Unless your in the CIA or something. So it has become Aubree's toy. Whenever one of us are on the computer, she'll grab hers and play too. It's really cute. And Dave just upgraded his I-phone so his old one has also become Aubree's. It is basically now an I-pod. It doesn't work as a phone anymore, but it has all the fun applications Dave originally got for Aubree. So she totally knows how to work it and it is so funny to watch her. She has her favorite pictures on there that she likes to look at, her favorite music, and games. NOw my cute two year old daughter has her own Mac book and I-phone!

(Marc is one of her "boyfriends.")

Lastly: She loves the park and I though these clips were cute.

(Rich is another one of her "boyfriends")

(Listen at the end of this one for when she says "mad world" that is her favorite song.)

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I finally got around to finishing Sophie's name for her wall. I didn't want to do it before she was born in case we changed our minds about her name, and then after she was born, it was crazy and everything was packed, then we moved and had to unpack etc... so I'm excited I finally got to it. I just have to put it on the wall now.

This is Aubree's, I made sure that they matched in case they share a room down the road.

These are other crafts I finished recently for their rooms
I copied the pattern of this butterfly from Pottery Barn kids. I loved it when I saw it at their store, but it was in the wrong colors. And I made it for half the price they were charging :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

New Friends

My Friend Lexi and I were pregnant at the same time. It was fun to have someone to talk to who was going through the same things. Thankfully we're no longer pregnant and both have our babies. Sophie was born March 24th and Camryn was born June 6th. We decided that they are going to be best friends. :) Today was the first time I got to meet her. She is so beautiful, and she has the prettiest eyes I've ever seen. They look like an exotic princess. Unfortunately you can't tell in these pictures, for some reason it doesn't translate...It's amazing what a big difference 8 weeks makes when they're so young. Sophie looks huge compared to her. Although Camryn is almost as tall as her!

P.s. I know I update my blog a lot. You all probably think I don't have a life, and I pretty much don't, so there you have it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Happy Father's day, to all the wonderful Dad's out there who do so much for us and our children. Here are some of my favorite pictures of Dave with Aub and Soph.

At the beach in South Carolina.
Falling asleep on the couch on a lazy Sunday.
Sophie's Birth, remembering how to take care of a new born.
Falling asleep on another lazy Sunday. :)
Watching "backasball" as Aubree calls it.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rain rain go away

We took advantage of the only day this week it hasn't rained, and went to the neighborhood splash pool with friends. Aubree was shy and not so sure at first...But then she joined the fun.
I love this picture of her "flying" in the water it was one of her favorite things to do. Well about half way through our stay she was running around the pool and a little boy accidentally pushed her over the edge. I was on the other side sitting with Sophie and I saw her sink like a rock to the bottom. It is just about the worst feeling in the world to watch your baby looking up at you from the bottom of the pool. Everything felt like slow motion and of course you can't run very fast in water....another girl got to her before me and pulled her out. Aubree didn't even cry, she just kept saying, "I fall, hu?" The splash pool is only 1 foot 6 inches at it's deepest and she was on her way to standing up by her self, but I can't even describe the feeling of watching this happen. It took her a little while to warm up to the water again, but she was right back to playing, I was just a little more cautious.
I'm not going to be winning any mom awards soon....I didn't realize until later when we got home that Sophie got sunburned on her leg! I thought I had her all covered, because you can't put sunscreen on babies under 1. Well obviously I didn't. I called her doctor because it kept getting worse and she said it's okay as long as it doesn't blister...
As you can see, it blistered. We have to take her into the doctor, because they say with little ones so young if they blister they can dehydrate fast. Our fun day at the pool was more traumatizing than I anticipated. I'll be more prepared next time.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Spoiler Alert!!! If you haven't finished the Twilight series (Kelsey) don't proceed. I had to post another blog because I just went to my friend Karen's and she's giving me a hard time about "Team Jacob" :) So here's the thing....I totally think Bella and Edward belong together. If they didn't end up together it would have been wrong. But if it was me, and my choice I'd choose Jacob. I prefer heaters to ice cubes personally, among other things. I just thought I'd clarify. :)


We hit a new milestone today and it was really exciting. Sophie rolled over for the first time!
It was so cute, Aubree got excited for her and was clapping and saying how big she was. It was a precious moment.
If you're wondering why she's so shiny, she had just had her bath and I put baby oil on her....
After Sophie rolled over, and Aubree saw my reaction, she told me very proudly that she could roll over also. Just as enthusiastically I told her to show me and she proceeded to roll over. I made sure to react to her the same as Sophie so she still feels special. She was so proud, it was adorable.

This picture is kind of creepy, but I had to get a shot of both of them rolled over. Too bad I chopped Sophie's head out of it. Whoops.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Family Fun

My poor Sophie. This is just a prime example of the torture Aubree inflicts on her.

Well, my family has been here for the past week, staying with us for Sophie's blessing. It was really neat having my little brother in the circle. They unfortunately had to leave today. We all cried! But it was so fun to see all of them and to be all together again. It seems like it is too long from time to time when all of us are here.

It was really neat meeting Brittany's new boy, Travis. He seems awesome, and the most important part is that he is really good to her and the girls. I need to get all the pictures together and I'll post them as soon as I can.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Baby bottle sling

My friend Lexi (who just had a baby...congrats!) told me about this baby bottle sling and it is amazing. You just strap it to your car seat and it holds the bottle in their mouth. It took her a couple of days to learn how to use it...but I love it.
I definitely wouldn't recommend it for your first baby since you have time to hold and love and snuggle your baby, but with number two when you need about five extra hands, this comes in very handy! I try to feed her myself as much as I can, but any mom of two + will know their are times when you just need to prop a bottle and this is an excellent alternative! The website is just $20.00 for moments of sanity, well worth it.
Plus the awesome thing about it is that it stimulates early development in holding their own bottle. You can see her trying to in these pictures.
Thanks Lexi I owe you big! (Oh, for any pregnant or nursing moms I read about this really cool thing called a milkie and it collects your breast milk from the boob your not using while breast feeding...I didn't last long enough to try it but it looks cool. If you google milkie it will pop up.)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sophie's Blessing

Sophie's Blessing
June 7th 2009

First off I want to say thank you to all the family and friends that were able to come. It meant a lot to us. Dave gave a beautiful blessing, most of us were crying :) And cute little sophie didn't make a peep. Aubree however kept asking me were daddy was a little distracting....

This is one of the funny pictures, she makes priceless faces.
We couldn't get her to take her fingers out of her mouth.
My friend Chelsea took all these pics. (Thanks Chels)
This dress is so originally was the dress Dave's little sister Rae was blessed in, and now all the Callister grandbabies have been blessed in it.And my favorite, she is so cute!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Eva who?

The past week Aubree has been talking to us about this girl named "Eva". We have racked our brains to see if sounds similar to any of our friends or family. Well, we figured out that she has her first imaginary friend. It's so cute. We were in sacrament a couple of days ago and she looks at Dave and says "Where's Eva go", and Dave said he didn't know and then she looked around and said "here she is". And at night I always sing to her what she calls the family song. ( I love mommy she loves me, we love daddy yes sir re he loves us....) and she tells me who she wants me to sing...needless to say, she has had me sing Eva's name into the song.

Sophie is getting bigger by the day. It makes me so sad. She has yet to give me a good night's sleep. I was spoiled with Aubree who slept through the night at 7 weeks. But she is really good at going right back to bed after she eats. Some nights she only wakes up twice, which if that was consistent it would be great, but then other nights it 6 times!!! This Sunday is her blessing, and I will have cute pictures to share. Until then...

P.S. I apologize for my grammer in advance, as i always say...I don't speak English I speak Aymee.