Wednesday, July 29, 2009

While the boys away...

Dave is out of town again for work. The first time he went my friend Lexi and I had a fun girls week. Our husbands work together and they both had to go. She slept over, and unfortunately Aubree and I got the flu so we had to call it off early. This time her husband didn't have to go, so no sleepover, but definitely girls day! It was so much fun. She came out all day yesterday. We ordered pizza,

Watched the Rocker (which was hilarious)

Went to Michael's to buy crafty stuff..
And then crafted...these are for one of Dave's co-workers who just had a baby. The diamond on will be argyle once I finish stiching around the black ones and then stitch the criss crosses. I stole both ideas from Lexi.

I'm also wrking on getting Aubree potty trained. She doesn't want anything to do wtih it. So I tried to get her excited...I made her a potty chart to put sticker on every time she goes in the potty.

I took her to pick out stickers she wanted.

And prizes for every 5 stickers she accumulates.

As you can see on her potty chart she has yet to earn a sticker, but she now loves her pull ups and can get them on by her self, so were on the right track...wish us luck!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Can I wash him, Daddy

This weekend we have been spending a lot of time with Dave's family...On Saturday we went to the art exhibit at the Conference center and then out to dinner. Aubree loves getting together to see her Grandma and Grandpa and cousins. While we were at the art exhibit Aubree walked up to this picture of Christ with Pilate. She was very concerned and looked up at Dave and said, "Jesus dirty Daddy, He has an owie." She thought for a second and then said, "Aubree can wash him, Daddy."

On the way home she brought it up again and asked us if Jesus was okay and if she could kiss His owies better. It was a precious moment for us to tell her about the atonement and how Jesus "got owies" and died for us to live with him again. It's these moments that I love being a mom.

On a lighter note....It's moments like this why I don't love being a mom. We found Aubree in Sophie's room this morning, with Sophie screaming bloody murder. Apparently Aubree squished her nail into Sophie's head, four times. I looks like she was stapled! Poor Soph has to endure the abuse of an older sibling, although I told Sophie when she's big enough she can get her back!

It's hard to see, I should have taken the picture right when it happened, but it was bad.
(It's the little staple line above her left eye. there were four!)

Well it's been a crazy week and this blog has been sitting in my drafts for way too long.
We went to an awesome neighborhood party for the 24th, but of course didn't take any pictures.
It was amazing, the street was roped off and there were those big blow up fun houses, a popcorn machine, cotton candy, snow cones, and a raffle table. There was so much to do, but can you guess what Aubree did the whole time? She was tying to steal everybody's shoes. She didn't go on any of the bounce houses, ride any bikes or really play with any kids. It was the shoes that caught her attention. We had fun though getting to know our neighbors better and the food was amazing.

Today we gave talks in church. Not my favorite, but it always happens when you move into a new ward. I took up too much time and all Dave was left with was a testimony. He said it was okay but I do feel bad. His talks are always amazing so our ward had to listen to me and they didn't even get the good stuff! Oh well at least he has a talk prepared for next time :) and at least it's over now.

That's all for now.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Pictures

We got our cute pictures taken a couple days ago, and they were just posted for me to have. I though I'd share how cute they are!

This one is my favorite family picture

This is classic Aubree. It was hard to get her to smile but we had lots of bribes with skittles and m&m's.

More cute ones.

Sophie's 3 month portraits. (Even though she is 3 1/2 months)

This one is my favorite.

I love this one also!

The rest of her royal cuteness.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is my birthday, and I can't believe I'm already 26!!! I know it's lame to do a birthday blog about myself but I have to share the good news. This year Dave asked me if I wanted surprise presents or to pick out what I want. I told him that I would pick it out. After some thought I decided I really wanted to get into shape. After Soph I have just felt run down and jiggly. I got this flyer for women's boot camp and I signed up. I have a personal trainer who coaches me (and the rest of the class) and I just finished my first week. It's brutal, but I already feel so much better. My plan is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:30 a.m. for an hour. The first day we took body fat meaurements, and we will again at the end of the month. This past week I have been writing down every thing I eat and today we went over it and made a plan for the rest of the three weeks. It has been the best present ever. I highly recommend this to any one who not only wants to loose a few pounds, but wants to get into shape. It is awesome. I have already lost 3 lbs. and hopefully my clothes will begin to fit again soon. Look out for the new me. (The website is And seriously, if I can do it any one can.

And I'm very excited for tonight. I get to go to Provo and have Froyo which is my favorite sweet treat, and it's allowed! That means I'll get to see my Aunt Jenny and Uncle Corey, since they own the place. :) I have also received many wonderful phone calls and presents. Thank you all.
It'll be a better year than last....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

More milestones

Aubree has been growing up this week, and I can't really believe it. We decided it was time to move her on to her "big girl bed" since Sophie will be needing the crib this next month. The first night we didn't hear anything from her and the second and third. Well the fourth day rolls around, I went to go get her in the morning and her door was locked! I unlocked it with my nail, and there she was, wide awake and playing with her hair bow. Pants were strewn on the floor, and the closet was a mess. So she discovered that she could get off her bed. The next mourning she came tromping in and now she realizes that when she wakes up she no longer has to wait for mommy. I'm surprised it took her that long, but she has always been such a good sleeper. So that has been a nice transition, although I'm worried about the naps. I do not want to give those up! If she won't stay in her bed I'll just make her go to her pack and play!

We're working on the alphabet and shapes right now and she is doing really well. She can name a circle, square, diamond, triangle, heart and star. She can sing the alphabet song all by her self and she can point out and recognize the letters A B C D H J and Z. We're getting there. Now we have to start potty training...any tips? Any good books, ideas? I'm all ears.

This will be a big summer of milestones with all that's going on with Aubree and of course there will be all of Sophie's too. My goals for her are to crib train her, and get her to sleep through the night already, or a least be on a schedule where she only wakes up once. I could handle that but I'm getting really burnt out with waking up 3+ times a night! Any advice on that either?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July

Dave and I have been reading the Children of the Promise Series. It really does a great job of letting you feel like you are part of the story. I think it is the closest that I have ever felt to knowing what it is like to go through war without actually having to go through war. (Personally) It gave me a deeper appreciation to the men and women who have fought, and are fighting, to give us all the freedoms we enjoy today. We are truly blessed to live in this country and I'm so thankful that there are those willing to put their lives on the line for us. Thank you to all who serve our country.