Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Beginings

A couple of fun things have happened this week. For family night on Monday we decided to take our friends the Miller's to my Aunt and Uncle's new frozen yogurt shop, Froyo. It's only been open at the new location in American Fork for about two weeks, so it was our first time. My Uncle Corey has designed the whole place, from all the signs and decor to the cute little bookmarks and stamp cards. And let me tell you it is beautiful! I loved going there, it's the cutest frozen yogurt shop I've been to. You might be thinking I have a slightly biased opinion, but honestly I'd have the same opinion if I had no idea who they were :) I can't wait to go again.
I told Dave to take some pictures so I could share how cute and amazing this store is...well this is the only shot he got and it does not do it justice...we'll try next time. Which hopefully will be soon since I always crave it. I'm worried about that when I get pregnant again.....

The other exciting thing is that our temple opened this week! We were able to go to the dedication because my cute friend Natalie watched the kids. It's been amazing to be part of this, watching it be built, attending the open house, signing up to be ushers during the open house (although we never had the chance), and my favorite, watching them replace Moroni after the first one got struck with lightning. Aubree thought it was so fun to see Angel Moroni "taking a nap on the grass" while the crane was lowering the other one....

I've always admired those who do temple work weekly, but have had excuses why I couldn't possibly go that often. They were good excuses with kids, working full time, moving, pregnancies, but I think at any point in our life we can have good excuses not to do things. Now that I have a temple so close, how can I not go that often. On Monday after the dedication Dave and I decided to go, we thought it would be fun to say that we went on the first day it was open. Well Monday wasn't open to the public, just the presidency and invited guests. So we went Tuesday, and we can say that we went on the first day it was open for us! It was amazing. I haven't been in a while with just having a baby and moving twice all with in the past 5 months. And I can't wait to make it a weekly routine. Dave and I already have our times worked out of when we're going except for the times we want to go together, that's harder to arrange with kids, so it probably won't be the same day and time every week like our personal trips...just whenever we can find a sitter or do swaps with our friends here. I feel blessed to have a temple so close and can already feel the difference in my life.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The gardens at Thanksgiving Point

My friend that took us took the farms last week, was able to take us to the gardens this week. We had a blast! Aubree loved the lighthouse.

They all loved looking at the koi and feeding them.

The pond was beautiful. I love lilly pads and had to take a couple pictures....

At the entrance of the gardens, there is this really neat brass Noah's Ark splash pool.
Aubree was very excited to play....

And of course she went for the shoes first!

On a side note, Aubree had fun at home doing her hair and makeup with mom.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Midway Mayhem

This weekend we took a mini vacation to Park City with Dave's family. (Although technically we were in Midway..) We were told to go up any time Thursday and we would all meet up for dinner. Well Dave took the day off so we wanted to get up there as soon as we could. We woke up Thursday, packed, got ready, cleaned the house and set off. We decided we'd try to get up there right around two so we could put the girls down for their naps and unpack and explore a little. We made good time and got there right at 2:00. Well our room wasn't ready yet!! So we decided to get lunch for Dave and myself. We went into town found a subway and a park.....

(This was on the ride up....sleeping with a chicken nugget in hand!)
It was a fun way to kill time until they cleaned our room....even Soph was having a blast!

Our room was ready at about 4:00 and we were glad we didn't try to come up any earlier! We were staying at a place called the Zermatt Resort. This is a pic I pulled from their website. And pics of our rooms. We actually had a different sleeping arrangement each night due to Sophie not liking her surroundings. But I thought this one was funny. It reminded me of my friend Karen's vacation where her little boy was also in a bathroom. This however was by choice to try to break up the girls so that they would stop waking each other up at night. And it worked for the most part!

Dave is always so psycho...especially when we go on vacation and there are no worries or stress.

The resort was beautiful. It had an amazing gym with beautiful views. The gym's bathrooms were sooooo nice. They even had random things like extra q-tips and cotton balls. Hair gel and hairspray, body lotion and blow dryers.... all in expensive looking containers. There was an amazing spa with relaxation rooms, aromatherapy rooms, sauna, steam name it they had it. And the pool was awesome. I forgot my bathing suit so I just took pictures, but it was still fun. The indoor hot tub was beautiful with the waterfall.... Aubree would only play on the top step of the pool. If Dave tried to take her out she would scream! But she still had a blast.

Her favorite by far is the hot tub. But right after this picture she fell face first and couldn't get her self back up, so she was scared for a was I.

It is always so fun for her to be with her cousins. Brody and Addie sharing a tube, Aubs won't get in it.....

On Saturday we spent a day doing Park City things....Outlet stores, home for a nap and then the slides! We decided to try the coaster since we both have done the Alpine slide a million times. The coaster is definitely a lot more fun, but kinda creepy if you go full speed. I thought I was going to fall of at every turn. It was awesome. Dave took this picture at the top.

Aubree had fun going on the carousel, in fact she cried when we had to go but that is always a good sign that she is having fun. She tried the little helicopter ride and got scared, I'm begining to think my child is a wuss, but that suits me just fine since it causes less worrying. Sophie also had a good time flirting with the little boy behind her while we played. They start so young!

We stayed over one more night and came home Sunday. It's always good to get away and spend time with family.....

I finally have pictures from when my family was out here in June. We went through the temple open house with all my family here. It was a neat experience and awesome to have everyone together. Our immediate family is growing as we keep having kids. So fun.

So here we are, on the Ben, Dave, me and Soph, Mom and niece Kilee, sis Carlee and Aubs, sis Kelsey, niece Tori, sis Brittany, Grandma and Dad...Whew and on the bottom...sis Brittany, me with crazy hair, brother Ben, sis Carlee and sis Kelsey. In this picture we are in order according to age if you put ben at the end....

Aubree absolutely loves her aunt Kelsey. She was attached to her, it was really cute. Every morning when she would wake up she said "Where's Kelsey, I go see her." And finally, Kelsey thought this was so cute of Sophie peeking up over her blanket, I agree. Family time is the best.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

$2 Tuesday's

My friend and new neighbor, Karen is always doing fun things with her kids. She always knows about cool deals and invited me to $2 Tuesday at Thanksgiving Point. The day before we went she got passes from her husbands work, so we didn't end up having to pay! Once we got there we were wondering why we still went on Tuesday, it was CROWDED, but so much fun.

Aubree tried to feed the goat her skittles!
This is the first time she has seen farm animals, and at every animal we got to she said, "They're kinda gross, hu mom? and, "They go lots of poo mom?" I could almost here her thoughts wondering why the animals weren't as cute as they are in her books.

She was concerned for the horse, but I reassured her it was just taking a nap.
The only animal she touched, with a little coaxing....

Aubree and Sammy looking at the pigs.
The goose was her favorite. It honked at her and she thought that was so funny, she can't stop talking about it.
Of course she found water and had to play...

Baby pony.
We waited in line to ride the ponies for an hour! Once it was our turn, Aubree wouldn't ride...instead of wasting a ticket, I took Soph. You can see how excited she was. Karen's boys had lots of fun though, so it was worth it.

Thanks Karen, we had lots of fun. Can't wait for next week!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

All things crafty!

I have been on such a craft kick lately...A couple of my friends and I have been doing craft days and I can't seem to quit. In the past I've been doing crafts for my booth to sell, which means mass production. It started to feel more like work than just enjoying it. My one friend Lexi is so crafty but she does it for friends and family, baby showers and presents. I've been starting to do individual crafts for specific people or just to try something new...and I have been having so much more fun. I love this side of crafting! Here are the finished products of the onsies from my earlier post.

Cute girl clips I made for Aubree and Soph. It's my first time with felt and I love it.
A couple of new clips I'm working on. I can't decide if I like the circles......
I made this skirt for Aubree's cousin, but too bad I accidentally did this on the wrong side. Aubree tried it on and I can't tell, so it will be gifted. The buttons make a cute tinkling sound when she walks.

This is an "ABC" flip book I'm working on for the girls. Behind every letter page will be a picture of one of the girls with an adjective that matches the letter. For example behind "A" there will be a pic of Aubree with the word "adorable" and so on...

I made this baby sleeping sign for the same girl that I'm giving the argyle onsie and "M" one. She works with Dave and obviously just had a baby. I made it upside down though. I'm having issues with that lately. The stripe is supposed to be on top, not bottom. I can't decide if I want to fix it or if it is still cute.....
More signs I'm working on.

I made this runner for Aubree's dresser to tie in the black accents in her room.
The hard part was my machine was only sewing backwards, so I didn't finish the looks good unless you flip it over, I think I'll remake it.
Fun quilted note cards that I saw in a tutorial off my friends, friends blog.
One of my new favorite things to do is a mini diaper cake. I usually make a huge one with 100+ diapers, a stuffed animal on top and all sorts of fun things around the edges and in the centers. Which turns out to be my only present. This one used 50 diapers with small accents around the edges and it only cost $7 to make so I can pair it with a cute onsie and bib or burpcloth you name it. I could have made this on cuter with different ribbon, but I had this already and didn't want to buy any...
And finally, I think I changed my mind and want to put this on a cute t-shirt for 2t or 3t. How much cuter would this be on a little toddler boy? I'm making it for Dave's sister who's expecting in December. The first grandson, we're all excited.
Sorry that was so long, but I've been having lots of fun and wanted to share...