Thursday, September 30, 2010

St. George

Last week Dave had a conference in St. George for his work. We decided to come along. Even though it wasn't a full on vacation, it was WAY better than him leaving us for three days and the hours were shorter than his normal work schedule. I brought along a lot of crafts to fill my time while he was gone. We had A LOT of fun and I got a lot of gifts done. The girls were really excited that the St. George pools weren't closed yet. And we went swimming, in three different pools! I got to see my friend Angie and her cute kids...All in all it was very fun.

Dave's parents have recently purchased land at Entrada, which is right by the entrance to Snow Canyon. It is AMAZINGLY beautiful. There is volcanic rock every where, and you have the beautiful red rock with the contrast of the green green grass. It was breath taking. And to top it all off there are cute little jack rabbits that prance around. We loved it up there and went to the pool, and restaurant a few times.

Have you seen these before? In the bathroom they have these little seats for toddlers. It was the first time I have seen them (and now I have more times...) and Soph wasn't sure how she felt about it. I LOVED it!

At the pool in Entrada.
I'm glad I got this on camera. It's Sophie's favorite position as of late. And every time I bust out the camera she stops...

Soph doesn't like the echo's of the indoor she won't get in...
But toes in the hot tub seemed to be okay.
Aubree LOVES it. And Dad is a lot more fun to play with.

I had Soph dressed cause she wasn't in the mood to swim. Well she changed her mind real quick...

Aubree spitting on Dave's head.
They are apparently playing "tounges"...who knows?

The girls

Okay...Sophie has had more milestones than Aubree, so this will mostly be Soph.

Aubree sleeps in our room EVERY night. We'll put her to bed in her room, have a little chat about staying in her room, but she always migrates in. She'll come in, pat me on the shoulder, to make sure I'm there, and then camp on the floor right by me. It's really cute..but then when Dave gets up and ready in the morning, he usually wakes her up and sometime she just hasn't had enough sleep. And I obviously don't want her to make it a habit (which she already has...)

She is slowly pulling out of her terrible two's. Which is FABULOUS! She's really sweet with Soph and becoming very helpful. It's a fun phase.

My older sister brought us some hand me downs...Aubs had so much fun trying them on...

Now Soph. My baby is 18 months! I packed away all her 12-18 mo. clothes and moved her up. It's so weird. She feels more and more like a little girl, not my baby. But she is still my good snuggler. Anytime I'm sitting down she'll come and snuggle right up to me. I LOVE it.

She is so mischievous. Most of the time it makes me smile. It's fun to see her personality really blossom. She has 12 teeth..we're just waiting on four more on the bottom, which have been trying to, soon.

She says a lot! And she's stringing more word together. She can pretty much copy any word we say to her (in the two syllable range) but her new words she uses in context.. I won't remember them all...but here they are:
uh-uh (she can say no, but prefers this method)
(she calls ariel) Ah ah
Uhhh (followed by mommy, daddy or Aubree it's hilarious)

She sure seems to be entering the terrible two's. I guess as long as Aubree is pulling out, I can handle it. She is great at throwing tantrums. And a lot of the time it's dangerous to I have to watch and make sure she's not flinging herself on the hard wood..but the carpet.

We have regressed a little with the bottle. She still only has it empty. But now she has them all day long. So yesterday I started to ween her again. NO bottles except for nap and night. Then night time will go, and finally nap. So far so good. She gets upset sometimes, but if I distract her she is just fine.

She also had a good time trying on clothes...she has two swimming suits on, and her clothes.

She has figured out how her glow bug works. She loves it now. And wants Aubree's when she is in the mood for sharing.
Dave thinks she looks high in this picture. I think she looks cute.

Pony. With LOTS of clips.

She loves yogurt popsicles.

Piggies, and making dinner.

Morning hair is the BEST!

Sophie dancing to the new Jimmy Eat World.

Soph climbing up to her highchair. She'll do this when she's hungry. So if I see her in it, I know she's ready to eat!

Cute Soph calls all animals "dog-a".

Here you can see the start of a tantrum. It cracks me up.


My family left a few days after Wheeler Farm. And we were pooped! We love having them here, but we are not used to being so active! We always do so much, and have so much fun...the girls LOVE it. But they were definitely worn out. Their schedules kind of suffer, even though we try to stay on as much as we can... the morning after my fam left, we had a lazy day.

The girls just wanted to be lazy, watch movies and hang around the house. Fine by me.

And of course they want to help themselves to snacks while I am trying to clean. (See the bucket in the background full of claening supplies?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekend fun

This weekend I decided I wanted to take the girls to Wheeler Farm. My friend Somer told me about it, and the best part is that it's free! I was so excited and told my Mom all about it. She informed me that I have been there plenty of times. I guess she took us kids when we were little, but I have NO recollection of this. Funny. Anyway we decided to make it a family outing.
The girls had SO much fun chasing the free animals, and looking at the rest. This may become a ritual of ours.

They got to touch the little baby goats. They were SO cute.

Kilee and Aubree had fun bonding.

This is just a classic shot of the tantrums Sophie has now inflicted on us.
Sittin' on the toilet.
The geese (that Aubree calls swans) Were getting too close for comfort, so we headed for higher ground.

At the end the girls wanted to go on a pony ride. Aubree was too scared last year at Thanksgiving Point...but this time she had a blast. She picked out which horse she wanted to ride...
And Kilee went too.
The girls got a kick out of this funny pig. Soph even got to touch his snout. Her hands were on the fence and he came up to her and snorted her hand. It was hilarious, and Sophie thought so too!

Okay, these geese were creepy. Eric bought some food for the girls to feed them. And they surrounded us. And some were getting feisty. Eric and Dave picked the girls up for safety and we headed for higher ground...

Aubree on her horse.

Brittany and Tori showed up as we were getting done. Tori got to ride a horse too, and then we were off to lunch.
Sophie pulled this fabulous face at Aunt Cha, and she had to snap a pic'. I'm glad she did.