Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We got back last night from Bear lake...and today we had family over for Birthday's. My brother-in-law Eric's birthday was the 12th and my sister Kelsey's was yesterday. So I had Kelsey pick out the dinner she wanted, and had Carlee bring a dessert that Eric loved. They couldn't come until later...but it was really fun. Our Aunt and Uncle also came up because they're more like siblings to us. Kelsey wanted souvlaki...but I didn't have enough marinating we did italian kabobs, rice pilaf, home made pita bread..And Jenni and Corey brought a delicious Italian salad, that I forgot to get a shot of..

It was fun to get together with some point Sophie was running around with underwear on her head. Fun times.

This is what I made Kels for her birthday...Eric's present is still on the way :)

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  1. Sophie was so funny and so cute! I love her little personality and I love seeing it grow as she grows up. I can't believe she'll be two in just a few weeks.

    Thanks for having us up there. It was a lot of fun! The food was yummy, even if you don't think the meat marinated long enough. You're a wonderful cook!