Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekend fun

This weekend I decided I wanted to take the girls to Wheeler Farm. My friend Somer told me about it, and the best part is that it's free! I was so excited and told my Mom all about it. She informed me that I have been there plenty of times. I guess she took us kids when we were little, but I have NO recollection of this. Funny. Anyway we decided to make it a family outing.
The girls had SO much fun chasing the free animals, and looking at the rest. This may become a ritual of ours.

They got to touch the little baby goats. They were SO cute.

Kilee and Aubree had fun bonding.

This is just a classic shot of the tantrums Sophie has now inflicted on us.
Sittin' on the toilet.
The geese (that Aubree calls swans) Were getting too close for comfort, so we headed for higher ground.

At the end the girls wanted to go on a pony ride. Aubree was too scared last year at Thanksgiving Point...but this time she had a blast. She picked out which horse she wanted to ride...
And Kilee went too.
The girls got a kick out of this funny pig. Soph even got to touch his snout. Her hands were on the fence and he came up to her and snorted her hand. It was hilarious, and Sophie thought so too!

Okay, these geese were creepy. Eric bought some food for the girls to feed them. And they surrounded us. And some were getting feisty. Eric and Dave picked the girls up for safety and we headed for higher ground...

Aubree on her horse.

Brittany and Tori showed up as we were getting done. Tori got to ride a horse too, and then we were off to lunch.
Sophie pulled this fabulous face at Aunt Cha, and she had to snap a pic'. I'm glad she did.


  1. Yeah, if I were as little as the girls are, I would've headed for higher ground too. I love having them eat out of my hand, though.

    I love the picture of Sophie's tantrum. I can totally hear her little voice in my head.

  2. LOVE the picture of Sophie! So funny! I go by Wheeler Farm all the time and have never been. I've always wanted to, but just ahven't done it. Looks like I will finally have to stop by some time.

  3. Haha Sophie's tantrum cracks me up!! Haha, Cam does the same thing, but instead of yelling, she just throws her body down on the ground all dramatic like. Haha. Makes me laugh.

    We LOVE Wheeler Farm. I've only been once, but that is where we got Cam's one year photos done- they have some super cute picture taking spots.

    I'm sad our group date didn't happen 2 weeks ago! We need to plan a time to get together. Fridays I watch Atlas Whitehead til 8pm, so we don't go out cuz Cam goes to bed as soon as he leaves. Saturdays have sucked now that we have 9am church. Rich works at his parents while I help his mom/let her play with Cam til 6 or 6:30, and then we get Cam home to get to bed!!

    But I swear, some day we will find a time to play! Contemplating renting out our place and moving in with Rich's parents in a few months to pay off stuff and save money! Will keep you posted...

    K my novel is done now, glad you were able to have your family come visit so much this year, I am JEALOUS! My family never comes b/c we have NO ROOM for them to stay with us! )c: