Monday, September 6, 2010

Family in town/Labor Day weekend

My Family drove into town this weekend. It's been a fun year with them coming down so much. It doesn't so much feel like they're so far away! We've had fun so far going on walks around Day Break and swimming. It's so fun to have a pool!

Sunday, our freinds the Cooley's, and my Aunt and Uncle came down and we had a fun bbq with the whole family at Cha and Erics. I haven't seen the Cooley kids in YEARS! It was fun to see them again! I wish I got some pictures...oh well.

We actually didn't spend Monday (Labor Day) together...but Dave and I decided to take the girls swimming since it is the last day it's open for the season. The weather was FABULOUS so the girls had lots of fun. Sophie is our little fish. She loves Dave to take her in the deep end and throw her in the air.

Iv'e always thought parents that put their kids on leashes were un fair. Well, we went on a LONG walk with my family and soph happened to bring a balloon, which had a HUGE tail. So it kind of became a leash. I picked it up for safety reasons first, but discovered how much I love having a little control. (Surprise, surprise) But know I now why leashes are used. SO NICE!

Aubree also love being thrown in the air.

And Finally, we also went to the park. Monday night. Some plans we had fell through so we took the girls to the park and they loved it. The swing are their favorite!

I love when my family comes into town. It's always an adventure.

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  1. So so cute! I love the videos and the pictures. Sophie looks like she's have a grand ole time in the water!