Monday, October 4, 2010

Conference weekend

When the boys go off to Priesthood the girls usually go out, shop, dine...and bring the boys home some food. Well, Dave's little sister moved to California a little while ago, and his older sister wasn't feeling it was a quiet get together this time around. But just as much fun!
We ended up going to the South Towne Mall. It was remarkably not busy at all. It might be our new tradition. We got right in for dinner (at Pei Way) and had no problems walking around, navigating in stores. It was wonderful. And I didn't realize how fun this mall is. Even though I used to work there! It has a carousel, a bunch of coin operated rides, a fun center (pictured below) and a train that picks you up at the fun center and drives you around the mall.
Aubree playing.
And Soph.
The train. $3 a ride.
$9 of fun! Totally worth it.
Aubree thought this was the neatest thing. To ride a train inside. She was tickled pink.
With Grandma.
Sophie was having just as much fun.

A great night with the girls!!!!!


  1. That's cool. I might just have to go to the South Towne mall so I can ride that train. How fun!

  2. Look at your girls in their twinner outfits!! I remember when my older sister (2 years older) and I would dress alike! I thought it was the coolest thing ever! Aubree's hair is so LONG now! Crazy. We need to get together soon. This weekend is packed... Maybe next?