Saturday, October 30, 2010


We love Halloween. {like everyone} And it just gets more fun, being with my own family. Although Dave and I didn't dress up, we all had fun. The girls were ladybugs this year. And they looked too cute. It's hard getting a decent picture of two crazies...but hopefully you can tell.

On Halloween day, they had to wear white shirts under their costumes. Not as cute, but I figured the trade off of not getting sick would be worth it. It was POURING rain. Aubree was still very anxious to get out there.
Sophie found our basket of candy and was content to stay, we convinced her otherwise.
We got the stroller, {for some reason I thought if I kept the canopy up while they ran to the door, their seats would stay dry...not so much} and we were off. Luckily about 15 minuets into it, the rain slowed down to a trickle. They had a lot more fun. Although Aubree was being pretty funny. She started to decline candy at certain houses. WHAT?? What kid turns down candy? And it wasn't even because of the selection. If the house was scary, she didn't want any, or if it was a house she didn't want to go to..we tried to have a little chat with her that it's not nice to turn down candy when it is being given, for FREE. And she told us: "Well, sometimes I want candy and sometimes I don't. If I don't want candy I'm not going to take it." Okay then. Sophie ended up with about twice as much as Aubree..and she's enjoying every minuet. This is the face she pulled when I told her I wanted to get a picture of her! What a ham.
Halloween is the best. And hopefully their sugar high won't be too bad...

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  1. They both look super cute! I love their costumes! That's really funny that Aubree started to turn down candy. Some of her mannerisms surprise me so much. Although you have your hands full right now, you're going to be in trouble once she hits her teenage years. Good luck! ;)