Thursday, November 25, 2010


I've been thinking the past couple of days, of what I am thankful for. A lot of my blessing are taken for granted until I really realize how impact full they are. What's been in the front of my thoughts lately is the blessings of security, safety and comfort.

The fire in Herriman hit too close to home. We were thankfully in the safe zone, but Dave and I did have the conversation of what we would pack and take if we had to be evacuated. It was surreal making these type of plans not for "just in case" but knowing we may have to act on it that very night. It gives you a whole new perspective.

Also with the blizzard warning Tuesday (which was LAME) we were prepared to be hunkered down for the night and following day. The knowledge that we had shelter, warmth, food, running CLEAN water, and entertainment :) was priceless. I can't imagine not having these simple blessing that I take for granted any other time of the year.

That's what has been on my mind lately. Trying to think of the "simple things" that are quite in fact very very monumental, and giving thanks that I am blessed enough to receive them.
I am always mindful at this time to be sincere in my thought and prayers. I am indeed grateful for my Savior. The comfort I have of this knowledge is nothing short of amazing. I know that he thought of me, Aymee, who for all intents and purposes in a nobody, but he thought of me, felt my pain and sorrows. I love him deeply and will always be grateful for His sacrifice.
I am thankful for my husband Davey. He is a thoughtful and caring husband. He works very hard so that I can fulfill my dream of being a stay at home mom. He is crazy, fun and always has something mischievous up his sleeves. I am thankful for my two sweet girls. I am always learning from them. They make my days full of meaning and life. And I am thankful for all my family and friends who boost me up, keep me going, let me vent (thanks Mom, and Karen) and love me for me. This is a wonderful time of year and I am thankful for the reminder to always show gratitude.

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