Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's

We don't do much to celebrate New Years. In fact the past two years Dave has been asleep at midnight so I toasted to myself. :) This year we got invited to a few celebrations. So we decided (based on who asked first :) to spend this New Years at our neighbors. We live right next door so we could still celebrate at midnight without having the kids suffer. One of my resolutions is doing better with diet and exercise (I know REAL original) so we all totally binged as our last night to eat sugar. Doughnuts, licorice, soda, (my mouth is watering...) we played a lot of Wii and hung out. We toasted (Karen and I hurried to drink our bubbly BEFORE "1" hit, so we still started the new year with our goal) watched Ryan Seacrest laugh at Dick Clark who made a drunken fool of himself, and left. It was a fun, simple night. And much more festive than we've done in the recent past!

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