Sunday, January 22, 2012

A replacement

Aubree didn't attach to a blanket until she hit toddler age.  Sophie was a different story.  It seemed almost immediately that she formed a bond with a very special blankie.  A blankie that my friend and college roommate made.  It was our sick blankie that we passed around to whoever needed it.  It ended up with me, and somehow onto Sophie.  

Let me introduce you to Blankie Star.  Blankie star went with us EVERYWHERE.  She could not nap or sleep with out it.  And it followed her in all her adventures.  

We went to a Carnival last year, Blankie Star and all.  Sadly it did not come home with us.  We didn't find out until late that night.  It was no where to be found.  Soph did not want to go to bed with out it....but what could we do?  I even tried calling the city representative for Parks and Rec. (too bad it wasn't "Leslie Knope", that would be amazing!) trying to see if there was any sort of Lost and Found from the Carnival.  But to no avail! It was gone.

She cried, she asked for her Blankie Star, but I couldn't make her happy.  I called my friend to see, if by chance, she had more fabric (from 10 years ago...) that I could recreate one.  Nope.  We went to Joann's (where she bought it originally) to see if there was even something similar or something she was drawn too...Nope.  I scoured online...nope.

E.V.E.R.Y. D.A.Y. since that night she has asked for it.  At first it was a sad tearful ask, that turned into an acceptance, but "just checking" ask.  Which then turned into a declarative statement that Blankie star was gone.  EVERY DAY.  At least once.  I'm talking months and months, with out missing a day.  

I tried re-introducing all her current blankets.  Blankets that family members made for her.  Or good friends bought for her.  But apparently none of them had that "special" factor.  Then I was online.  I was checking my Disney rewards account.  I saw a cute Lion King blanket, and had enough points to get said blanket.  I got it on the chance that one of them would like it.  Thankfully Aubree didn't want it, and Sophie did.  Ever since she has not mentioned Blankie Star.  It had been replaced.  THANKFULLY.  We are all happy again.  Lion King Blankie now goes with us everywhere.  Only it never leaves the car. And she can't get enough of it!


  1. I can attest that she definitely loves that Lion King blanket. Good call on not letting it out of the car.

  2. I know this is a little late, but you'll never guess what I found a couple weeks ago!!! I brought up some boxes from storage in California and was going through them. Packed amongst prom dresses and yearbooks, I found my half of the star blanket!!! Unbelievable!!! I was going to call you and tell you, but now that Sophie's found a replacement, I guess I'll just hold onto it for my own baby. :)