Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is my birthday, and I can't believe I'm already 26!!! I know it's lame to do a birthday blog about myself but I have to share the good news. This year Dave asked me if I wanted surprise presents or to pick out what I want. I told him that I would pick it out. After some thought I decided I really wanted to get into shape. After Soph I have just felt run down and jiggly. I got this flyer for women's boot camp and I signed up. I have a personal trainer who coaches me (and the rest of the class) and I just finished my first week. It's brutal, but I already feel so much better. My plan is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:30 a.m. for an hour. The first day we took body fat meaurements, and we will again at the end of the month. This past week I have been writing down every thing I eat and today we went over it and made a plan for the rest of the three weeks. It has been the best present ever. I highly recommend this to any one who not only wants to loose a few pounds, but wants to get into shape. It is awesome. I have already lost 3 lbs. and hopefully my clothes will begin to fit again soon. Look out for the new me. (The website is fitclubbootcamp.net) And seriously, if I can do it any one can.

And I'm very excited for tonight. I get to go to Provo and have Froyo which is my favorite sweet treat, and it's allowed! That means I'll get to see my Aunt Jenny and Uncle Corey, since they own the place. :) I have also received many wonderful phone calls and presents. Thank you all.
It'll be a better year than last....


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope it's an awesome one!!! Let's hang out soon!! XOXO

  2. It's so not lame to do a blog about your own birthday. I do it all the time. ;) Well, at least the two times since I've only had my blog that long.

    Happy Birthday! I'm so excited to see you later!

    I'm glad you're enjoying your present and that you're starting to feel better. It's amazing what some exercise, eating right, and losing weight can do. I know how hard it is and I'm proud of you! Keep up the good work!

  3. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, dear Aymee. Happy Birthday to you!

  4. Happy birthday! I need a workout regimine like that. Tell Dave to come over here and yell at me while I jog. He won't have to long. I can only jog like for 5 minutes before I pass out.
    Dave, dude, we need to play soccer again so I can get in shape!
    Let's hang out soon. Give us a call!


  5. Happy Birthday Amos! Hope you had a great birthday. Love and miss you so much.