Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Pictures

We got our cute pictures taken a couple days ago, and they were just posted for me to have. I though I'd share how cute they are!

This one is my favorite family picture

This is classic Aubree. It was hard to get her to smile but we had lots of bribes with skittles and m&m's.

More cute ones.

Sophie's 3 month portraits. (Even though she is 3 1/2 months)

This one is my favorite.

I love this one also!

The rest of her royal cuteness.


  1. These pictures are so cute. What a cute family you have. (I see you solved the multiple picture problem)

  2. So so cute! I love Aubree's face in the pictures. She's so funny!

    PS - Did you get the e-mail I sent with the instructions on how to get the pictures I have of your fam?

  3. Finally I have figured out how to post on your blog! I am so dumb! Your girls are so cute. We should try to get together one day. Ok bye

  4. So so cute!!! I think when Cam has a little more control of her smiles we will have to take some family pictures!! Right now we'd probably end up with $100 worth of pictures all with her famous "stink face!!"

  5. Dave! You shaved!

    Sophie's so dang cute guys...

    Talk to ya next week!


  6. I like the fingers in the mouth shot the best! Soooo adorable!