Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Can I wash him, Daddy

This weekend we have been spending a lot of time with Dave's family...On Saturday we went to the art exhibit at the Conference center and then out to dinner. Aubree loves getting together to see her Grandma and Grandpa and cousins. While we were at the art exhibit Aubree walked up to this picture of Christ with Pilate. She was very concerned and looked up at Dave and said, "Jesus dirty Daddy, He has an owie." She thought for a second and then said, "Aubree can wash him, Daddy."

On the way home she brought it up again and asked us if Jesus was okay and if she could kiss His owies better. It was a precious moment for us to tell her about the atonement and how Jesus "got owies" and died for us to live with him again. It's these moments that I love being a mom.

On a lighter note....It's moments like this why I don't love being a mom. We found Aubree in Sophie's room this morning, with Sophie screaming bloody murder. Apparently Aubree squished her nail into Sophie's head, four times. I looks like she was stapled! Poor Soph has to endure the abuse of an older sibling, although I told Sophie when she's big enough she can get her back!

It's hard to see, I should have taken the picture right when it happened, but it was bad.
(It's the little staple line above her left eye. there were four!)

Well it's been a crazy week and this blog has been sitting in my drafts for way too long.
We went to an awesome neighborhood party for the 24th, but of course didn't take any pictures.
It was amazing, the street was roped off and there were those big blow up fun houses, a popcorn machine, cotton candy, snow cones, and a raffle table. There was so much to do, but can you guess what Aubree did the whole time? She was tying to steal everybody's shoes. She didn't go on any of the bounce houses, ride any bikes or really play with any kids. It was the shoes that caught her attention. We had fun though getting to know our neighbors better and the food was amazing.

Today we gave talks in church. Not my favorite, but it always happens when you move into a new ward. I took up too much time and all Dave was left with was a testimony. He said it was okay but I do feel bad. His talks are always amazing so our ward had to listen to me and they didn't even get the good stuff! Oh well at least he has a talk prepared for next time :) and at least it's over now.

That's all for now.


  1. Aubree's so precious! Well, other than the hurting Sophie part.

    The shoes part is really funny. "Take your shoes off."

    Corey and I spoke last week. My talk was seven pages long, but we still finished too early. How long was your talk if Dave only had a chance to bear his testimony?

  2. It was only 4 1/2 pages but there was a confirmation and the youth speaker took forever too....

  3. Sam has hurt James before and I got so mad. It's hard to help them understand. I'm glad Sophi is okay. I'm glad to hear your talks went well. I am sorry we missed them.

  4. We just had to speak in church as well. Jared only had 10 minutes after I got done talking. so that's funny. Cause I feel the same way, his talks are better. I hope we don't get asked to talk again in a couple of months when we move back home.. I guess I'd still do it if we were asked...