Sunday, July 5, 2009

More milestones

Aubree has been growing up this week, and I can't really believe it. We decided it was time to move her on to her "big girl bed" since Sophie will be needing the crib this next month. The first night we didn't hear anything from her and the second and third. Well the fourth day rolls around, I went to go get her in the morning and her door was locked! I unlocked it with my nail, and there she was, wide awake and playing with her hair bow. Pants were strewn on the floor, and the closet was a mess. So she discovered that she could get off her bed. The next mourning she came tromping in and now she realizes that when she wakes up she no longer has to wait for mommy. I'm surprised it took her that long, but she has always been such a good sleeper. So that has been a nice transition, although I'm worried about the naps. I do not want to give those up! If she won't stay in her bed I'll just make her go to her pack and play!

We're working on the alphabet and shapes right now and she is doing really well. She can name a circle, square, diamond, triangle, heart and star. She can sing the alphabet song all by her self and she can point out and recognize the letters A B C D H J and Z. We're getting there. Now we have to start potty training...any tips? Any good books, ideas? I'm all ears.

This will be a big summer of milestones with all that's going on with Aubree and of course there will be all of Sophie's too. My goals for her are to crib train her, and get her to sleep through the night already, or a least be on a schedule where she only wakes up once. I could handle that but I'm getting really burnt out with waking up 3+ times a night! Any advice on that either?


  1. Yay for Aubree being in her big girl bed!

  2. The way I get Sam to stay in his room for his naps was to lock the door because he doesn't know how to unlock it and I can unlock it from outside. At first he would just play and sometimes not even fall asleep. Then he woul fall asleep on the floor and now he gets in bed. It's a process, but they'll get it. Just don't give up that "queit time". Keep the schedule and it will work out.
    As for potty training, no idea. We are no where close. I've heard people talk about a book called something like "Potting Training in One Day" or something like that.

  3. No advice here, sorry, but that's exciting she's sleeping in a big girl bed! Yay Aubree!

  4. By the way, Happy Birthday (a day early)!

  5. Oh fun times ahead for you!! I read one potty training book called "Toilet Training in Less Than a Day." Got it from the library when Penn started potty training. We should talk!! It makes total sense to me, and Aubree is such a smartie she'd probably catch on super quick!!