Thursday, September 30, 2010

The girls

Okay...Sophie has had more milestones than Aubree, so this will mostly be Soph.

Aubree sleeps in our room EVERY night. We'll put her to bed in her room, have a little chat about staying in her room, but she always migrates in. She'll come in, pat me on the shoulder, to make sure I'm there, and then camp on the floor right by me. It's really cute..but then when Dave gets up and ready in the morning, he usually wakes her up and sometime she just hasn't had enough sleep. And I obviously don't want her to make it a habit (which she already has...)

She is slowly pulling out of her terrible two's. Which is FABULOUS! She's really sweet with Soph and becoming very helpful. It's a fun phase.

My older sister brought us some hand me downs...Aubs had so much fun trying them on...

Now Soph. My baby is 18 months! I packed away all her 12-18 mo. clothes and moved her up. It's so weird. She feels more and more like a little girl, not my baby. But she is still my good snuggler. Anytime I'm sitting down she'll come and snuggle right up to me. I LOVE it.

She is so mischievous. Most of the time it makes me smile. It's fun to see her personality really blossom. She has 12 teeth..we're just waiting on four more on the bottom, which have been trying to, soon.

She says a lot! And she's stringing more word together. She can pretty much copy any word we say to her (in the two syllable range) but her new words she uses in context.. I won't remember them all...but here they are:
uh-uh (she can say no, but prefers this method)
(she calls ariel) Ah ah
Uhhh (followed by mommy, daddy or Aubree it's hilarious)

She sure seems to be entering the terrible two's. I guess as long as Aubree is pulling out, I can handle it. She is great at throwing tantrums. And a lot of the time it's dangerous to I have to watch and make sure she's not flinging herself on the hard wood..but the carpet.

We have regressed a little with the bottle. She still only has it empty. But now she has them all day long. So yesterday I started to ween her again. NO bottles except for nap and night. Then night time will go, and finally nap. So far so good. She gets upset sometimes, but if I distract her she is just fine.

She also had a good time trying on clothes...she has two swimming suits on, and her clothes.

She has figured out how her glow bug works. She loves it now. And wants Aubree's when she is in the mood for sharing.
Dave thinks she looks high in this picture. I think she looks cute.

Pony. With LOTS of clips.

She loves yogurt popsicles.

Piggies, and making dinner.

Morning hair is the BEST!

Sophie dancing to the new Jimmy Eat World.

Soph climbing up to her highchair. She'll do this when she's hungry. So if I see her in it, I know she's ready to eat!

Cute Soph calls all animals "dog-a".

Here you can see the start of a tantrum. It cracks me up.


  1. I love your girls! They're so so cute! The high chair is hilarious because she's trying SO hard to get that other leg where she wants it to be. I also loved the dancing!

  2. Love the morning hair, although I think I still good give her a run for her money! :) Holy Blogging lately! :) It's been fun to see all the pics.