Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I got paid for groceries!!!

On one of the two shopping trips I made this week I was actually handed money back, as I carried out a few bags full of groceries! Yay! It's so fun. So for the weeks tally...I spent $60.45 TOTAL for a weeks worth of food!!!! And I saved $92.50! Again, I don't have pictured the meat and produce since you don't get great savings on them...but everything else I pictured...

From my first trip to Smiths:
What I got:
Pillsbury crescent rolls (2) and sweet orange rolls (2): paid $0.50 each
Cool whip (2): paid $0.49 each
Tub margaine (3): paid $0.79 each
Scope mouthwash (1): paid $0.99
Dozen medium eggs (2): paid $1.04 each
Cuties clementines (1): paid $3.00 (produce doesn't normally have coupons, but sometimes they do and it is wonderful!)
Betty Crocker cookie mix (4): paid $0.50 each
Reynolds baking cups (2): paid $0.29 each
Texas Toast croutons (5): paid $0.49 each
Dawn hand renewal dish soap (4): paid $0.49 each

Pretty good right? Well how about this? These are all from the same trip, but these were all my free items or I GOT PAID for them!

Free items:
Ronzoni garden delight pasta (2)
Carmex lip balm (2)
Martha White muffin mix (1)
Krusteaz cookie mix (8)
Bumble Bee Tuna (5)

Morton Salt, got paid $0.21
Powerade, got paid $0.21

And now for my favorite part....I would have done all my shopping in one trip, but I had to come back because they were out of a lot of items. I was debating all night if it would be worth it to go because I had to go at 11:30 at night (when they get their new shipment, but before midnight when the sales end...) which meant missing the gym the next morning..but I'm glad I did because I walked out of the store with $0.75 in my hands and all these groceries!

No-yolks (4)
Banquet pies (4)
Yakisoba instant noodles (5)
Cornstarch (3)
Carmex lip balm (3)
And that was my week of food!

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