Saturday, July 2, 2011

Celebrations and disasters

We did some fireworks on tonigh, to get them excited. And boy did it work. I am such a wuss when it comes to fireworks. I HATE them. They're loud and scary :) but they are beautiful. I like them from a distance. So I just got little ones to with the girls. I wanted to save most of them for Monday, so tonight we just did sparklers, pop's, and snakes.

We did them a little early, cause it doesn't get really dark until too late. Although it really doesn't matter since fireworks have been going every night for three night anyway, and until they haven't been sleeping well.

The pops were they're favorite.

Sophie wasn't sure at first if she even liked the sparkler...but she warmed up to it.

Aubs loved it.

So we put the girls to bed, and yep... Fireworks are going strong, the LOUD ones. I was scared for my girls. Not too soon after, we heard sirens, LOTS of sirens and really close. Dave took off to check it out. The homes in Daybreak are so close it's scary when fires start. Sure enough some guy set his house on fire, with his home-made fireworks. Not too close to us, but still in Daybreak. Dave, and our neighbor, Dave went to go check it out. There were fire trucks, hoses, firemen, the works. He said it was crazy. And the hoses were so strong they were ripping up the siding of the house. It's sad, but I'm glad it was his own house and not an innocent bystanders'. I bet the fire department just loves the 4th :)

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