Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July!

Our 4th of July was jam packed with fun activities...

First, our ward breakfast, which I cooked 4lbs of bacon for. That might not sound too impressive...but it was A LOT!!! The girls looked so cute in their patriotic outfits.

We brought Aubree's soft blanket to lay out for our breakfast picnic.

The girls loved it, and it was nice to be out, eating a free delicious meal.

In the evening we went up to Dave's Aunt's for a BBQ. I love his family, and it was fun to get together. The cousins also love seeing each other.
At one point Aubs and Brody were fighting with the noodles. Having a blast. And then I hear Aubree say "go for the kill"
What the? Where in the world did she learn that? The things kids say....

Then at home later that night we did our fireworks. They were fun. Little, but fun. Then our two doors down neighbor started putting on a real show, with the big, legit fireworks, so we joined them and had a fun show. Aubree let me know that their fireworks were way more cool than ours. Agreed. I'm glad they put on a show for us!

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