Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Get Lost

For the Lost series finale, we had a small get together. I can't call it a party, especially after I saw what my friend Lexi went to. (it was amazing) but we did want to celebrate. Although I really wouldn't really say celebrate, we weren't excited that it was the end....excited to see the end, but not for it to be over :( We had fun. My Aunt Jenni and Uncle Corey came with my sister and her husband. We had people dress up, but Dave, Corey and I were the only ones that did! (in all fairness we were also the only ones who have watched Lost from episode one...)
I borrowed rifles from my friend Karen, and this sticker was on one. we thought it was pretty funny.

We all got together for dinner before, but it wasn't any thing to do with Lost so no pictures..and Corey brought dessert. He made these cute polar bears, which are very much to do with lost! They we're a hit! And Aubree couldn't wait to eat her's. ( I made her wait until the next day because it was so late.)
So my uncle dressed up as Jacob. He totally nailed it. He was even doing the half awake/I don't look like I care face that Jacob always has, but I couldn't find ANY pictures of that face...

I dressed up as Kate. Stupid pictures don't show how curly I got my hair, but it looked awesome. And I rubbed my shirt in dirt, but I didn't do any sweat stains...I probably should have. I am not an actress, I couldn't keep a straight face with my uncle taking the picture, he always makes me laugh...

I didn't get ant pictures of Dave :( And he looked perfect. He dressed up as Locke.

We had a great time and are thankful for family tos pend time with. We're sad Lost is over, but it will be fun to go back and watch them all again. (Dave has already started and it's pretty amazing to see what details they correlate throughout the whole series.) If you want to see an amazing party you'll have to look here, at Lexi's. So cool!


  1. The "party" was a lot of fun. And, I did dress up. I was Oceanic Flight 815 passenger #37. ;) You, Dave, and Corey did look awesome, though.

  2. I agree-- there was NO celebration for the show to be over on our end either!! I am having withdrawals!! I love your Kate costume. And now that I can see Corey's picture bigger, I can totally tell he's Jacob. So fun!!!

  3. You guys look great! That's awesome that you dressed up. I was so sad when it ended. I'm going to have to buy the set so I can watch just to figure out what was going on!!!