Sunday, May 16, 2010

San Diego part 2

Wednesday, May 12th

Aubree was making it a trend to wake up early. (which carried throughout the trip. The earliest being 5:45! ughh) Her and Brody were up EARLY every day and we couldn't figure out who was waking who up... Dave got up with them again. I slept in and around 8:00 I started feeling really sick. I got up to realize I had whatever was spreading around. Rae had been up all night throwing up, and I was glad that I didn't get that part. I luckily made it the whole day with out throwing up, but I was still very sick. Weak, aches and my stomach felt like someone had beat me up from the inside. Kind of like when you get food poisoning, but different. So I was down for the whole day. The whole family went and took the kids to the Animal Park, where you go on a safari. I was sad I had to miss it, but it was nice to have some quiet time to sleep and get better. They came home around nap time and said that I hadn't missed out on much and to not feel bad. Brody was the only one who liked it! While the girls napped Dave was able to have some relax time and went body boarding with the boys. The rest of the day was hard trying to help, but not really able to...hopefully a better tomorrow.

Thursday, May 13th
Rob had a work meeting so we had another day hanging around. Playing on the beach and going on walks. When the girls took a nap I was able to get my massage. It was so wonderful. The perfect gift. And I think Dave did more body boarding or sand castle making?

Well the boys went to see Iron Man when Rob got back and Michelle and I decided to take the girls on a walk. We wanted to get them a smoothie. So we walked up to the pier with my two girls, Brody and Addie. (with two strollers) it was quite a challenge. Once we got there everything was closed (5:00 on a Thursday??) so we found some locals and they pointed us in the right direction. We walked even more and found the place where they pointed us to, a coffee house with not much. Some one there told us there was a Dairy Queen close by, so we headed over. We had been gone a LONG time now but promised them a treat. We got them some dinner and ice cream and realized neither of us brought a phone. We borrowed one and after many attempts, got a hold of Dave who was now back from the movie and he came to pick us up. I was POOPED! Sheesh. Rob, Rae and Jimmy had gone out looking for us and by the time we all got back and got dinner it was around 7:30. Not an adventure I would want to try again. But it was a lot better of a day than the last.

Friday May 14th

Sea world part two. We went again to let those who only had a half day, be able to play. It was another fun day. We saw a lot more exhibits, and Aubree just LOVED the flamingo's. She thought they were so funny. We went on more rides and had more fun. By nap time we were ready to leave. We got back and put the girls down. And had some of our own fun. It was our last day and we had to make the best of it!! More beach, more sea shells and a sand castle making expedition for the boys. When I went to get Aubree up from her nap this is what I found...

She had pulled EVERYTHING from the room, the drawers, closet, and bathroom and had it snuggling with her on the bed. And in her hand a new bottle of hydrocortisone cream(not cheap) that she had used all up! At least she needs it...

That night Dave and I were up on the balcony with Aubree (Soph was in bed) and she was saying some priceless things. We were up 1 story and Aubs was saying how it would be scary it she fell. She said "I would hit my head so hard and I would crack my head open and bleed all over" I asked who in the world told her that and she said "grandma" Right.. like I believe that. Then Dave told me that the other day when he was up there with her she had said something like (if she fell off) her eyes would pop out and bleed and she would bounce into the ocean! Dave had also asked her who said that and she said "grandma" funny girl.

Later that night the boys had one final hurrah with the sand castles and I got a couple of pics. Dave and Jimmy were building defense walls and Mitch was making the castle. Cute boys.

Saturday, May 15th

Nothing too exciting. We woke up, packed, cleaned, distracted the kids with a sea shell hunt on the balcony... and were out the door by 10:00. To the car rental, shuttle back to the airport...check in, security and waiting. It's the waiting that kills me. There aren't any good distractions for the girls..just candy and toys and things I don't want to buy. Finally we got on the plane and we were better prepared. Aubree slept the whole flight and Soph did really well with her bottle. It was a piece of cake. We got off in Vegas and boarded another plane. Not so lucky this time. It wasn't terrible but not fun either. Finally we made it back to Utah and slowly eased back into our lives here. It was an amazing vacation. We all had fun and it was hard to leave.

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  1. I think it's hilarious that Aubree had used the entire tube of cortizone. I know it's expensive, so that's evil, but it's still funny to me.