Saturday, August 28, 2010

Super Saturday!

We did have a super Saturday tonight!

Seth and Karen invited us to go to the Dinosaur Museum. And the bonus, for free :) (He is always getting sweet deals with work...) And since we've never taken the girls we jumped at the chance! We arrived a little early and Aubree decided it would be fun to run circles up the stairs, around the balcony and back down again. She had so much fun we could've gone home directly after and she would've thought it was an awesome night! Sophie had just as much fun following her big sis.

They soon realized how much more fun it was...
In the wet sand

And in the dry sand. Soph found a little dinosaur.
I love this peering look...she found the brushes

had to get them all..
and when she couldn't reach, got MAD.
Sophie loves balls lately...and there was a solar system hanging on the ceiling here. She thought it was pretty awwesome.
Playing a weird game together.
Hoarding the bouncy balls, and patiently waiting for James to drop any of his...
Sophie and James.
They both loved the bouncy balls and were trying to get them from each other....they each had three. James dropped one of his and they both took off trying to catch it. It was hilarious to watch. James tripped, fell flat on the floor and you could see the look of triumph in Sophie's eyes as she darted foreword and claimed the ball. I was rooting for her of course, especially since James wasn't hurt! We had a good laugh.

Aubree's favorite (she later told me) was the star tunnel...a pitch black tunnel with tiny (light) stars everywhere...which she was at first VERY scared to go into..and the squishy animals in the gift shop.

After that we went out to dinner, at Chili's.

It was a fun night and good to break away from the normal routine of doing nothing!

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  1. How fun! I love the mad picture of Sophie because I can just totally see her throwing her little tantrum and being mad and said. So cute!