Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Dave has shaved his head again!

But this time it was for a good cause. One of his best friends from middle school and high school's 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia 5 weeks ago.

Another close friend decided to hold a fundraiser for the cause. Cuts for Cami. They had a bunch of hair stylists availible and you could get a cut, trim...etc and donate what you could. The girls and I weren't able to go because of nap schedules, but we did want to be supportive. So Dave went. The boys shaved their heads to help Cami feel okay about loosing her hair, and they ended with her shaving her Dad's head and then him shaving hers. It just breaks my heart, but the good news about it is that she is already in remission. She still has to have her treatments for three years, and still will loose her hair and be put through much more than a four year old should. But there is a silver lining. My heart goes out to Chelsea, Pat, Cami and the rest of their family. She is such a beautiful, fun sweet girl and we know she will kick this.

The Deseret news wrote an article, you can find HERE.

And a blog they set up to follow her journey, Kisses for Cami is HERE.

Brother Caden getting his head shaved
Shaving her Dad's head
Cami's turn

Sweet Cami. We wish you the best and you are in our prayers.

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  1. That's really cool that Dave did that to show support for his friend's daughter. It's so hard to watch little kids go through that. I hope she's able to say in remission.