Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An update on the girls

First Sophie:

She has exploded with words...her list includes

Daddy, Mommy, hi, "bree" (for Aubree, which makes her mad), don't, thank you, Water (wa wa) barbie, blankie (buta), shoe, Woody (from Toy Story), doggie, juice (jew), bottle and baba, uh-oh, airplane (plane), ow (which she says for when she's mad/frustrated, not when she's hurt!) boo, barbie, bum, poo, my, mine, bath, ball, bye bye, thank you (thay-tu) and hi.

She calls EVERY animal "doggie", but will neigh for a horse, moo for a cow and oink for a pig, even though she still calls them doggie....she also barks.

I just discovered that she is double jointed. Just like her mama! :)

She is turning into quite the picky eater. She loves meat, certain fruit, potatoes (sometimes) and pasta. And that is all she'll eat. Even that sounds kind of broad for her palate.. she is still very picky with in those areas, involving texture temprature etc... And to make it better (?) she has to have her meat a certain way. For example for breakfast and lunch if I try to make her sausage or a hot dog...it CAN NOT be nuked. She won't eat it. They have to be pan seared. It is so fun to try to figure it all out.

I didn't have her car seat one day, and we had to run errands, so I borrowed Karen's baby car seat. Poor Sophie, but it looks like she got comfortable.

We went swimming one day, and it wiped her out. She totally crashed on the couch. It was so cute. She stayed that way for almost an hour and still took a full nap! I love the sun!

We have finally weaned her off the bottle! Yea!!! I started by giving her 1 oz. less every week until the bottle had nothing left in it! It actually worked RESLLY well. I was quite surprised. However, she still likes an empty bottle at nap time, but she no longer requires it for bed. So I guess we're almost there... This is currently her favorite blanket, which my cute sis, Cha, made her. She calls it "buta" which coincidentally means "pig" in Japanese. I think she's is secretly a genius!
I know I've mentioned she's my climber. She found a new obstacle to climb. And it freaks me out. I'll frequently find her here, or on top of the table, toilet, bathroom sink...you name it. Luckily she hasn't had an interest to climb out of her crib. I'm sadly waiting for that to happen any day.

Now Aub's.

She has entered the "why" phase. I probably don't need to say more...but I will. I actually think it's cute (in the beginning of the day) because she is sincerely curious about why things are, so it is a great opportunity for her to learn and for me to teach. Unfortunately it gets real old by the end of the day and all I'm saying is "because" and "why not" but I'm working on letting it be a learning experience for her.

She is definitely my little princess. She loves to dress up and feel pretty. We got her a dress up chest and she LOVES getting all dolled up. This is her favorite outfit in the group. Notice the clip on earrings. So cute!
She is a great little model for me when I need her.
Her favorite movies right now are: Thumbelina, Aladdin, Tarzan, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. We watch them OVER and OVER. We are patiently waiting for the two week rule to go back swimming. It is taking too long. And Aub's just got diarrhea, so we'll have to wait two more weeks...for now we're playing around the house. And in the back yard with water.

Dave recently discovered that not only do kitties love a laser pointer..but kids do too. Aubree loves to try to catch it. She calls it "red thing" and talks to it. She beckons it to come down stairs with her. It's really cute to watch.

Sophie was a train wreck in the car. It was pretty funny. You can hear her say "daddy" and "shoe" in this little clip.

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  1. Your girls just make me smile. They're so cute and so smart. I love the picture of Sophie crashed on the couch. And, I love Aubs's dress up outfit. So cute!

    PS - I think Sophie is secretly a genius too. Of course, she knows that buta means pig. ;)