Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This past week

First I want to update Sophie's word list. I forgot a few and am only mentioning them here alos because some of them are funny. :)

Bath, ball, bye bye, thank you, hi, mine, my, poo, bum, and barbie!

My Mom has been here this past week to help Kelsey with her wedding. They both stayed here so we have had a lot of fun. I don't have pictures from everything we did. But some.

Kelsey had her first bridal shower hosted by her soon to be sis-in law, Brooke. It was up in Layton and I was able to leave the girls home with Dave and have a good time. It was really cute with a school theme. My favorite part were the cake pops that her MIL to be, made in the shape of apples. SO cute. She got some nice things and one "fun" gift. It was fun to see her reaction as she kept looking over to Lucie (MIL to be) and Lucie just said "It's okay Kels"

My niece Tori, who recently moved to Tooele to live with her Dad, had a birthday, so we went up to her party. Not a fun drive alone with two kids. I was so happy it was at a park and I could let them loose. Randomly Brenda (Tori's stepmom) is best friends with Marrianne Hurst who is a good family friend of Dave's so it was fun to see her there. It was a fun party, and she had a super cute cake..sorry no pics' but the girls didn't last too long and with my billy goat Soph climbing on everything (trying to catch a hornet..) we left pretty quickly. My Mom offered to ride home with us and the drive back was MUCH nicer!

We did a lot of wedding prep. I guess I shouldn't say we, maybe they...although I helped make over a hundred umbrella inserts for their invites that were three layers...so I did help. That would have been a pain in the butt, but we had so much help it was actually easy and fun!

And we had Tori stay for a few days. My Mom felt kinda bad that she was sucked into all the wedding stuff that we made sure to do fun things with her also...including baking! Here are her and Aubree...we made cake balls, and cheesecake bars

Eating the batter of the cake

I love Sophie in this shot..
And Aubree my little vampire (speaking of vampires, have you seen the commercials for the mock movie of Twilight? Like the Scary movie remakes they do in humor? Looks SO LAME! anyway)
Making cheesecake bars
and cheesecaking
Yum. They were delicious (if you like cheesecake)
And cake balls, my new favorite treat ever since I made them for a friends shower!

We also made really cute post it pads..you'll have to check it out on my craft blog. HERE. As well as a wedding post...


  1. It looks like you had a ton of fun. BUT, I'm very disappointed that no one told me my sister was in town. Evil. And, is Kelsey having another bridal shower, or was I just uninvited to that too?

  2. PS - Corey really wants to see Vampires Suck. So, I'll probably end up going with him. *rolls eyes*