Thursday, September 22, 2011

Barnum and Bailey Present....

The CIRCUS.   Aubree and I went with our friends Nicole and Adelyn.  Our seats were nosebleeds...but for the most part, we could see everything, and the kids didn't seem to mind :)  The opening act had all the performers, doing various things.  It was loud, bright, crazy, chaotic...and Aubree was enthralled.  They had her from the beginning. We got up a few times, for the bathroom..and treats.  But she did awesome.  She loved the Elephants, the "butterfly ladies", and the horses in the first half.  

This was the treat she picked.  A snow-cone filled tiger.
At intermission they turned the lights on, so we snapped a few pics'.  These two are so cute together.  They we're having so much fun..and it was fun just to watch them.

I had to snap this....throughout the show Aubree would look behind us, point, and smile.  She LOVED the clown faced boy.  She thought it was so funny....
These are blurry, but so cute...I couldn't bring myself to delete them.

The second half was fun to see the acts that she liked and didn't like.  All of the clown ones bored her...she liked all of the animals, and the really cool acts.  She has good taste.  Her favorites of this half were the Tigers, the tumblers (SO cool), and probably her favorite of the evening was the bow and arrow.  It's basically the 'cannon' stunt.  But they have spruced it up a bit.  There is a whole production building up to shooting this guy through the air.  Songs, fire, fire works, crazy dancing people everywhere...and then the act.  They put a guy on a big bow, point it up (it looked like he was going to be shot straight up into the ceiling...) LIGHT HIM ON FIRE, and shoot him to the other side of the room.  He of course had to do a little flipity flip as he was flying.  Aubree was very concerned that they lit him on fire, until I explained that he was in a special suit, and then they put him out with about 6 was what she talked about the rest of the evening.
We had to stop at the inside park, to get their wiggles out.

And then we headed home.  We walked to Nicole's car, and she drove us to our car.

(The date stamp is my birthday, last year!  Had to take a picture!) 

It was really fun to take Aubree, and go with the Coles.  It was 2.5 hours, and except for about 20 minuets, Aubree was mesmerized. I definitely want to take Sophie.  She probably would've been old enough to go this year, but for sure next time.  I'm grateful that we can have experiences like this.  And provide our kids with a fun,  but not spoiled, childhood. 

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