Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sophie's new trick

Sophie has figured out how to take rapid pictures on my phone.  I didn't even know she was taking them!  And 252 shots later....I had a lot to sort through on my phone, I took some screen shots to illustrate just how many it was...

She did end up taking a couple I actually wanted to keep.  These two are of our hands, and I love them.
This cracks me up, it looks like a scandalous picture....but indeed it's just my two year old who doesn't believe in clothing.

This video makes me laugh out loud!  She is such a ham.  I was in the shower, and she was on my bed playing with my phone...she figured out how to take videos.  This was the sixth or seventh video she had taken.  All the other were 3-8 seconds...but this is gold.  

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