Monday, August 10, 2009

Midway Mayhem

This weekend we took a mini vacation to Park City with Dave's family. (Although technically we were in Midway..) We were told to go up any time Thursday and we would all meet up for dinner. Well Dave took the day off so we wanted to get up there as soon as we could. We woke up Thursday, packed, got ready, cleaned the house and set off. We decided we'd try to get up there right around two so we could put the girls down for their naps and unpack and explore a little. We made good time and got there right at 2:00. Well our room wasn't ready yet!! So we decided to get lunch for Dave and myself. We went into town found a subway and a park.....

(This was on the ride up....sleeping with a chicken nugget in hand!)
It was a fun way to kill time until they cleaned our room....even Soph was having a blast!

Our room was ready at about 4:00 and we were glad we didn't try to come up any earlier! We were staying at a place called the Zermatt Resort. This is a pic I pulled from their website. And pics of our rooms. We actually had a different sleeping arrangement each night due to Sophie not liking her surroundings. But I thought this one was funny. It reminded me of my friend Karen's vacation where her little boy was also in a bathroom. This however was by choice to try to break up the girls so that they would stop waking each other up at night. And it worked for the most part!

Dave is always so psycho...especially when we go on vacation and there are no worries or stress.

The resort was beautiful. It had an amazing gym with beautiful views. The gym's bathrooms were sooooo nice. They even had random things like extra q-tips and cotton balls. Hair gel and hairspray, body lotion and blow dryers.... all in expensive looking containers. There was an amazing spa with relaxation rooms, aromatherapy rooms, sauna, steam name it they had it. And the pool was awesome. I forgot my bathing suit so I just took pictures, but it was still fun. The indoor hot tub was beautiful with the waterfall.... Aubree would only play on the top step of the pool. If Dave tried to take her out she would scream! But she still had a blast.

Her favorite by far is the hot tub. But right after this picture she fell face first and couldn't get her self back up, so she was scared for a was I.

It is always so fun for her to be with her cousins. Brody and Addie sharing a tube, Aubs won't get in it.....

On Saturday we spent a day doing Park City things....Outlet stores, home for a nap and then the slides! We decided to try the coaster since we both have done the Alpine slide a million times. The coaster is definitely a lot more fun, but kinda creepy if you go full speed. I thought I was going to fall of at every turn. It was awesome. Dave took this picture at the top.

Aubree had fun going on the carousel, in fact she cried when we had to go but that is always a good sign that she is having fun. She tried the little helicopter ride and got scared, I'm begining to think my child is a wuss, but that suits me just fine since it causes less worrying. Sophie also had a good time flirting with the little boy behind her while we played. They start so young!

We stayed over one more night and came home Sunday. It's always good to get away and spend time with family.....

I finally have pictures from when my family was out here in June. We went through the temple open house with all my family here. It was a neat experience and awesome to have everyone together. Our immediate family is growing as we keep having kids. So fun.

So here we are, on the Ben, Dave, me and Soph, Mom and niece Kilee, sis Carlee and Aubs, sis Kelsey, niece Tori, sis Brittany, Grandma and Dad...Whew and on the bottom...sis Brittany, me with crazy hair, brother Ben, sis Carlee and sis Kelsey. In this picture we are in order according to age if you put ben at the end....

Aubree absolutely loves her aunt Kelsey. She was attached to her, it was really cute. Every morning when she would wake up she said "Where's Kelsey, I go see her." And finally, Kelsey thought this was so cute of Sophie peeking up over her blanket, I agree. Family time is the best.


  1. Ok, I am so sorry I don't have a better way to get a hold of you. Except through comments on your blog. I hope you get this if you were planning on going to the picinic/playdate at the park today. It has been changed the majority ruled and we will be doing it Thursday this week the 13th at 11:00 at Rocket Park. I am sorry. If you would give me your phone number or email or if you have facebook I will let you know about future get togethers and any changes if there are any.
    I really hope you get this.

  2. I love all the pictures. It looks like you guys had a good time in Midway. Corey and I need to go there some time. I LOVE the Coaster! It's the best! It's so much more fun that slide now because they haven't kept up on it and it's slower than molasses.

    I saw those pictures (your family) on Facebook. Kelsey and Carlee had them posted. I love the one of Aubree and Kelsey. I think it's so cute!

  3. Looks like you had a great time. I love that Sophie was in the bathroom. It works great for us! Can't wait to play this week!

  4. Hey Dave and Aymee! This is Lindsay Ivins, I found your blog and was so happy to see it! And for some reason I didn't know you had a second child! I don't know where I was but congratulations! I can't believe it they are both adorable. Crazy how life flies by. We should try and get together we miss you guys!