Sunday, August 2, 2009

All things crafty!

I have been on such a craft kick lately...A couple of my friends and I have been doing craft days and I can't seem to quit. In the past I've been doing crafts for my booth to sell, which means mass production. It started to feel more like work than just enjoying it. My one friend Lexi is so crafty but she does it for friends and family, baby showers and presents. I've been starting to do individual crafts for specific people or just to try something new...and I have been having so much more fun. I love this side of crafting! Here are the finished products of the onsies from my earlier post.

Cute girl clips I made for Aubree and Soph. It's my first time with felt and I love it.
A couple of new clips I'm working on. I can't decide if I like the circles......
I made this skirt for Aubree's cousin, but too bad I accidentally did this on the wrong side. Aubree tried it on and I can't tell, so it will be gifted. The buttons make a cute tinkling sound when she walks.

This is an "ABC" flip book I'm working on for the girls. Behind every letter page will be a picture of one of the girls with an adjective that matches the letter. For example behind "A" there will be a pic of Aubree with the word "adorable" and so on...

I made this baby sleeping sign for the same girl that I'm giving the argyle onsie and "M" one. She works with Dave and obviously just had a baby. I made it upside down though. I'm having issues with that lately. The stripe is supposed to be on top, not bottom. I can't decide if I want to fix it or if it is still cute.....
More signs I'm working on.

I made this runner for Aubree's dresser to tie in the black accents in her room.
The hard part was my machine was only sewing backwards, so I didn't finish the looks good unless you flip it over, I think I'll remake it.
Fun quilted note cards that I saw in a tutorial off my friends, friends blog.
One of my new favorite things to do is a mini diaper cake. I usually make a huge one with 100+ diapers, a stuffed animal on top and all sorts of fun things around the edges and in the centers. Which turns out to be my only present. This one used 50 diapers with small accents around the edges and it only cost $7 to make so I can pair it with a cute onsie and bib or burpcloth you name it. I could have made this on cuter with different ribbon, but I had this already and didn't want to buy any...
And finally, I think I changed my mind and want to put this on a cute t-shirt for 2t or 3t. How much cuter would this be on a little toddler boy? I'm making it for Dave's sister who's expecting in December. The first grandson, we're all excited.
Sorry that was so long, but I've been having lots of fun and wanted to share...


  1. Oh my gosh Aymee, everything turned out SO CUTE!!! I think the baby sleeping sign for Matix is SUPER cute, and I never would have been able to tell it was upside down, cuz I think it works either way!! Can't wait to craft with you this week! XOXO

  2. AH! You are so talented. I LOVE the little outfit that says "matix"!
    How did you cut the letters so perfectly?
    You're my crafting hero. (:

  3. Those are all so cute! I love them. The diaper cake is a great idea. I think the baby sleeping board is just fine the way it is. I couldn't tell it was upside down.

    Who's expecting? Rachel or Nicole?

  4. I echo everything said--- adorable!

    Jenni's right--- you're the only one who can tell the sign in upside down because you made it---it looks fantastic to everyone else! :)

    I didn't sew the letters on the onesie---I used 'wonder under' then I embroidered them on using the 'backstitch.'

    Yay for craft kicks (and inheriting Granni's genes)!

  5. Jenni- Nicole is expecting, and P.s. she got married!!!

    Amber- Seriously I love that we got the crafty gene.

  6. You are too good! I so glad we are crafting. Now hopefully some of your creativity and talent will rub off on me!

  7. hey!! so fun to see your blog. It was so fun to see you guys at costco a while ago. darling. all your crafts are DARLING!!!! I need to know how you did those clippys and skirt! (and everything else actually. so fun.

  8. How Cute! I want to be crafty now! I love your table runner.. I want to see your cute new house all decorated, it was cute empty but I'm sure you have it so cute now! I just used the word "Cute" way too much.. ha ha