Saturday, August 15, 2009

The gardens at Thanksgiving Point

My friend that took us took the farms last week, was able to take us to the gardens this week. We had a blast! Aubree loved the lighthouse.

They all loved looking at the koi and feeding them.

The pond was beautiful. I love lilly pads and had to take a couple pictures....

At the entrance of the gardens, there is this really neat brass Noah's Ark splash pool.
Aubree was very excited to play....

And of course she went for the shoes first!

On a side note, Aubree had fun at home doing her hair and makeup with mom.


  1. That was fun wasn't it. I had no idea that is how you spell koi. Crazy.

  2. Cute cute! It looks like you had fun. I'm sad you didn't come to Froyo, though! You were so close! But, then again, I was so close to you on Saturday too. I went to see TTW with my friends at Jordan Landing.

  3. That place looks cool! Maybe we can get Max to come along with you guys next time!
    We miss you guys.....Dave, give me a call man!
    Let's hang out!