Saturday, August 1, 2009

Medical Woes

Poor Dave has been in pain for a while, after he got hurt during a basketball game. He thought he might have broken a rib but didn't want to go to the doctor since there isn't any thing they can do...Well yesterday he woke up with the most pain since it happened and decided to cave and go to the doc...a few x-rays later confirmed what he thought! He broke a rib...and sure enough there isn't much they can do. Thankfully though he was able to get some pain med which seems to be helping. But apparently he will be hurting for at least two more months! So next time you see him make sure if you're a hugger that it's gentle! :(

On a side note, Aubree did a cute thing the other day. She got into my mascara and put some on herself. Which was pretty cute, and then I saw that she got Sophie as well! Where was I? Thankfully she has a steady hand.


  1. Poor Dave! I hope he feels better soon. Sophie takes a lot of abuse from that big sister of hers. Reminds me of a couple of other little girls a few years back.

  2. PS - Corey wants to know if Dave was playing churchball?

  3. Aubree is such a character! Sophie goes look cute!