Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Beginings

A couple of fun things have happened this week. For family night on Monday we decided to take our friends the Miller's to my Aunt and Uncle's new frozen yogurt shop, Froyo. It's only been open at the new location in American Fork for about two weeks, so it was our first time. My Uncle Corey has designed the whole place, from all the signs and decor to the cute little bookmarks and stamp cards. And let me tell you it is beautiful! I loved going there, it's the cutest frozen yogurt shop I've been to. You might be thinking I have a slightly biased opinion, but honestly I'd have the same opinion if I had no idea who they were :) I can't wait to go again.
I told Dave to take some pictures so I could share how cute and amazing this store is...well this is the only shot he got and it does not do it justice...we'll try next time. Which hopefully will be soon since I always crave it. I'm worried about that when I get pregnant again.....

The other exciting thing is that our temple opened this week! We were able to go to the dedication because my cute friend Natalie watched the kids. It's been amazing to be part of this, watching it be built, attending the open house, signing up to be ushers during the open house (although we never had the chance), and my favorite, watching them replace Moroni after the first one got struck with lightning. Aubree thought it was so fun to see Angel Moroni "taking a nap on the grass" while the crane was lowering the other one....

I've always admired those who do temple work weekly, but have had excuses why I couldn't possibly go that often. They were good excuses with kids, working full time, moving, pregnancies, but I think at any point in our life we can have good excuses not to do things. Now that I have a temple so close, how can I not go that often. On Monday after the dedication Dave and I decided to go, we thought it would be fun to say that we went on the first day it was open. Well Monday wasn't open to the public, just the presidency and invited guests. So we went Tuesday, and we can say that we went on the first day it was open for us! It was amazing. I haven't been in a while with just having a baby and moving twice all with in the past 5 months. And I can't wait to make it a weekly routine. Dave and I already have our times worked out of when we're going except for the times we want to go together, that's harder to arrange with kids, so it probably won't be the same day and time every week like our personal trips...just whenever we can find a sitter or do swaps with our friends here. I feel blessed to have a temple so close and can already feel the difference in my life.


  1. I love that Aubree thought Moroni was taking a nap in the grass. How cute.

    I think it would be so cool to live as close as you to do a temple too. That's neat that you've already been. Corey and I were going to go to Provo today, but he's sick and now I have to work at Froyo this evening. Oh well. We'll scheduled another time to go. ;)

  2. We did have fun. I was just talking to Seth about how I felt like some "froyo". It is so good. I love the Temple pic. I'm gonna have to steal it!

  3. If you need a baby sitter when we get back just let us know! That's an amazing picture of the temple, nice job! (if you're the one that too it.. ha ha)