Tuesday, August 4, 2009

$2 Tuesday's

My friend and new neighbor, Karen is always doing fun things with her kids. She always knows about cool deals and invited me to $2 Tuesday at Thanksgiving Point. The day before we went she got passes from her husbands work, so we didn't end up having to pay! Once we got there we were wondering why we still went on Tuesday, it was CROWDED, but so much fun.

Aubree tried to feed the goat her skittles!
This is the first time she has seen farm animals, and at every animal we got to she said, "They're kinda gross, hu mom? and, "They go lots of poo mom?" I could almost here her thoughts wondering why the animals weren't as cute as they are in her books.

She was concerned for the horse, but I reassured her it was just taking a nap.
The only animal she touched, with a little coaxing....

Aubree and Sammy looking at the pigs.
The goose was her favorite. It honked at her and she thought that was so funny, she can't stop talking about it.
Of course she found water and had to play...

Baby pony.
We waited in line to ride the ponies for an hour! Once it was our turn, Aubree wouldn't ride...instead of wasting a ticket, I took Soph. You can see how excited she was. Karen's boys had lots of fun though, so it was worth it.

Thanks Karen, we had lots of fun. Can't wait for next week!


  1. That was fun wasn't it. Love the shot of the skittles!

  2. Hello! This is Virginia. You responded to a post on Bountiful High 2001 blog and I just wanted to let you know that. We are going to meet up at Rocket Park on Monday August 10th at 11:00. Bring a lunch and lets have some fun.

    Hope to see you there!

  3. Hahah I totally LOVE Sophie on the horse!! Hahaa! What a brave girl! K we need to hang out soon- I have been a little out of it! XOXO