Thursday, November 24, 2011


This month to celebrate Thanksgiving, we did things a little different.  Instead of doing lots of projects, games, crafts, etc...I decided to do 1 thing throughout the month.  We took these printables with a "Thanks" and a "Giving" tree, leaves, and every Sunday filled out leaves to dress our trees. 

We had the girls do two things for each tree, each week. (us also) 1 of our "Thanks" had to be something spiritual, and the other could be anything you wanted.  Here's what some of ours were:



primary teachers


 And our Giving tree.

It was a great way to think throughout the month of all we have, and how blessed we are.  I read a quote on pintrest that said something to the effect of,  What if all we had in the morning was all we gave thanks for the night before? And since reading it I have really tried to express sincere gratitude for as many things as I could recognize.  Obviously it would be impossible to make a laundry list of everything physical, spiritual, temporal, worldly, etc..that we are individually blessed with.  But it put my heart in the right place.  

On Thanksgiving day we celebrated in the normal way.  We went up to his parents for dinner.  It was delicious, fun, and good to see his sister and family who drove in from California.  It's a Callister family tradition to play bingo, with prizes.  This year was no exception. It was fun, the kids got some cute things, and we got a nice gift card to Pei Wei (can't wait to use that) After spending the better part of the day with them, we took the kids and headed up to my Granni's, where my family was.  We had dessert with everyone, and basically just hung out.  My older sister had just flown in from Tennessee, and it was the first time I got to see her little boy, Bradley.  He's pretty much the cutest guy ever.  And he's HUGE.  But not grossly huge.  He just looks like a 3yr old with a cute little baby face.  Everyone took off kind of early to go set up the church for the luncheon tomorrow.  So, we went home early to put the kids to bed in anticipation for the Wedding.  It was a fun, good, family time, Thanksgiving.  

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  1. That's a cute idea. I loved doing the 30 days of thanks on Facebook. It always helps me think of things to be thankful for. :)